“A man, a cow, a planet” – documentary film

o-cowDocumentary film “A man, a cow, a planet”, with and about Peter Proctor, the father of biodynamic agriculture in New Zealand, with the original title “One Man, One Cow, One Planet” shows us what it is Globalization actually: an ecological and human disaster. Modern industrial agriculture destroys the Earth and causes desertification phenomena, lack of water, introduction of toxic substances into the diet, destruction of oceanic ecosystems, soil erosion and decreased fertility. How, however, could we have a biodynamic ecological system that is able to provide food for everyone?

This film tries to answer this question and takes as an example the situation in India, where several farmers have adopted a system of biodynamic agriculture with Peter Proctor as a mentor, saving poisoned land and potentially against the colonialism of multinational corporations. Health begins with a healthy diet, and a healthy diet is only possible through cultivation on clean soils. Whether we like it or not, our existence is inexplicably linked to the well-being of the planet. This documentary film is the impressive story of a man’s efforts to educate Indian farmers about the benefits of returning to traditional agriculture.

Source: http://www.filmedocumentare.com

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