Green kindergarten – the special place where children learn to grow their own food!

If we want a society that values sustainable development and environmental responsibility, then it is necessary to invest in educating children. This is the approach of the Vietnam architectural firm Vo Trong Nghia Architects that has created an educational space for kindergarten children, and which is specially designed with a green roof and transformed into a real garden.


Farming Kindergarten is the name of the green nursery located in Dongnai, in southern Vietnam. It was built with the aim of being an environmental school for children who will spend their time here, a place from which they learn the importance of respecting the environment and why they have to take care of it. Because it is located in a tropical area, the roof of the kindergarten can remain green all year round and provide food for the 500 children who will learn there. The green roof consists of a triple ring that includes 3 green, protective inner courtyards for playful moments that allow children to enter an eco-friendly experience with the environment around them.



In this green nursery, children will also learn how to grow their own food. In addition, recycled materials were used in the construction of the building, and for operation the kindergarten is based on water recycling, solar energy and other environmentally friendly energies or technologies. The purpose of their use is twofold: that of protecting the environment and teaching children about the process of saving energy.


The kindergarten is part of the LOTUS pilot project, which obtained the Silver Green Evaluation certificate issued by the Vietnam Green Building Council (provisional certificate).

Source:, Treehugger,

Photo: Vo Trong Nghia Architects, IH

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