Spiritual causes of diseases

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Spiritual causes of diseases - a karmic perspective

according to the teaching of master Hilarion
These causes are quite real, but they must be viewed from a universal perspective, understanding here the Universal Law of Action and Reaction and the evolution of man through successive rebirths and deaths.
These causes are real from a subtle point of view, but once the disease is installed, in order to cure ourselves it is not enough just to eliminate that kind of feelings from our way of being.

It is necessary to act at all levels for a real result.
Knowing the spiritual causes of disease can help us significantly.

Legs: represents the anchorage, the connection with the Earth and with the manifestation; foot problems symbolize a refusal to advance, to evolve or the fear of stagnation in life.

Calves: represents the personality, the lower self. Ankles represent the ability to take new directions.
The incarnated being is dual, having the masculine part and the feminine part. It is therefore natural for the calf, which represents precisely the personality, to have two bones: the tibia in front and the peroneum in the back.
For a woman, the tibia represents her as a woman and the peroneum symbolizes her masculine, unconscious part.
For the man, the tibia represents him as a man, while the peroneum indicates his feminine, unconscious side.
Examples: if a man breaks his left tibia, this means that he has something to understand in relation to a woman (left = woman, mother, wife, etc.) and to his masculinity, self-affirmation or power of decision and action.
If a woman breaks her left platform, it means that she has something to understand in relation to a woman (left = mother, girlfriend, rival, etc.) and to her masculine, unconscious side. It can be handled by a friend or colleague.


it represents the higher self, the soul. The soul symbolizes the principle of unity and there is only one bone in the thigh: the femur. If the individual breaks his femur, it means that he has not listened to his inner being, his soul. If the crack occurs close to the head of the femur, it means that he must become more and more creative and that his personality must integrate more and more into the spiritual laws, for self-improvement. If the problem is located close to the knees, it means that the possibility of the soul to communicate (intuition) is low.

Knees: symbolize the connection between soul and personality and the quality of this connection. A knee problem indicates a departure from its purpose in this incarnation and a refusal to evolve. His ego wants to interrupt the communication between soul and personality. With this symbolism, we can understand the act of kneeling: the calves (personality) fade to highlight the thighs (soul). The act indicates that the individual puts himself in the service of his soul.

Balances: represents the use of free will, in order to find its own way in the material plane. A problem in this area means a weak or lack of use of one's own free will or the fact of not having a purpose in life.

Pelvis: represents the creative and procreative aspects of the individual. A problem of the pelvis emphasizes that the root chakra (Muladhara) does not work properly. In general, dysfunction is due to negative schemes regarding sexuality.


blockages in the lower back indicate fear of the future and lack of financial support. Pains / blockages in the middle part indicate a feeling of guilt (left towards a woman, right towards a man), difficulties of detachment from the past. The pains / blockages in the upper back indicate misunderstanding by the entourage, the lack of affective support, the impression of too heavy responsibilities for that moment. A sciatica, for example, indicates the fear of the future and of the money problems, the unsustainment on the part of the entourage.

Reproductive system : its problems arise due to a poor use of sexuality in this life or in the previous one or related to creativity. Sexual culpability brings sexually transmitted diseases, such as AIDS. Problems of ovaries or testicles: rejection of femininity / masculinity (as the case may be). Problems related to sexual organs in case of urinary tract infection: anger towards the sexual partner. In order to allow an evolved soul to incarnate, it is necessary a lot of love between two partners at the time of sexual intercourse. In sexual intercourse, the two partners exchange energy between the root chakras: the man being emissive, the woman receives subtle energies, more or less polluted, depending on the state of consciousness.

Digestive system :

The stomach is the faculty to digest the experiences of existence and to accept what you have learned. Resentment, aversion, restlessness are the main causes of ulcers. Indigestions, gases, hyperacidity, represent resentment, mania discharged. The cause of these is that the individual interferes with the purpose of his life, that he refuses to understand and move forward, which prevents his soul from progressing. The intestines represent the faculty to assimilate the experiences of life and in the case of intestinal problems, the message consists in condemning the refusal to understand some life lessons from an evolutionary point of view.
Most doctors know that today, the apparent cause of cancer comes from the fact that the person suffered a serious emotional shock, a few years or a few months before and did not externalize his emotions at that time. Cancer is a self-destruction, which makes healing difficult. The spiritual cause of cancer lies in the fact that the individual has not assimilated at least half of the karmic lessons that have been proposed to him in this life, thus refusing evolution (even if this attitude is unconscious).

Pancreas : has the role of balancing the contribution of glucose in the blood. If the individual consumes too much sugar, it causes disorder in his body and a hypersecretion of insulin, which leads to hypoglycemia. If the pancreas is weak at birth, a moemnt comes when it can no longer provide insulin and this results in diabetes. Diabetes that is declared in childhood or in youth is karmic: it is due to a past life in which the individual has not refused anything; sensual, passionate or violent excesses and all the negative forms of self-expression. Thanks to these, in the current life he sees himself above an extreme rigor and a severe discipline, through diabetes. The diabetes declared in adulthood/old age will be caused, rather, by the relational problems of the patient with his partner.


it is the seat of the most negative emotions (hatred, anger). Liver problems generally come from a mania directed against oneself concealed in an anger towards someone else, the result of a conflict between the soul and the mental.
If at birth the liver is weak, it shows that in a previous life there was a disagreement between the soul and the mental (sometimes even an imbalance). Jaundice would have this cause.
If in the current life, the individual suffers an injury and he will not know how to straighten it out, jaundice can trigger. The liver is linked to faith; belief in the universe allows negative emotions to flow, in order to cleanse the liver. Problems with the gallbladder show ingustime of mind.

Heart : is directly related to the heart chakra (Aanahata) and represents its physical counterparty. If he does not openly express his feelings, the individual closes his heart chakra and risks having heart problems.
Due to the repression of emotions and feelings, many people have heart problems. Congenital heart failures signify the same thing, but with roots in another existence.
The irregularity of the heart rate indicates inconsistency in the manifestation of sentimental nature. A heart attack shows that the person does not transmit enough the energy of love. She will have to learn to express and manifest her love in all her relationships.


it represents the energy and symbolizes the circulation of emotions and feelings in the body.

Hypertension : emphasizes a faculty of overly limited love and a lack of compassion. The person must express his love for all that he firsts and for everything he sees.
Hypotension : it also shows a limited love, but in the sense that this person was very negative and defeatist, not believing in love, she had a history in her current life or in a previous one, which made her believe that she was right.


it represents an improper use of oxygen in the red blood cells and is the consequence of a refusal to use his talents in the service of his neighbor. An anemic of a high sparitual level will have to accept to love his fellows, to serve mankind and to become a spiritual guide.

Cholesterol : corresponds to the tightening of the sentimental nature, rigidity, hardness, hardness of people who create a shell believing that it protects itself. The individual will have to become leaner, more open, letting the emotions and energy of love flow naturally through his being. For all blood problems, a vegetarian diet is useful.


represents a “deposition of blood, so of energy. Spleen problems show an inability to express love/obsession; in the latter case, a purification is necessary by eliminating the negative feelings

Respiratory system: air containing energy enters the lungs and ensures the functioning of the body. Respiratory problems come from the refusal to exist, to let life enter the body. They can also be the result of an improper use of energy in a previous exisenta (violence for example). Tuberculosis shows that, in a previous life, the person lived only for material values.

Lymphatic system: it is closely related to the mental and intellectual faculties (communication), reflection, ideas, thoughts, self-expression. Nervous diseases show a misuse of knowledge or intellectual qualities or too negative thoughts, in this life or in a previous one. They indicate a too dogmatic, too critical and too rigid use of the mind. It is necessary to work on tolerance and spiritual openness.


represents a structural aspect and an aesthetic one. The problem emphasizes the individual's fear of expressing himself completely, of being himself, of opening himself completely. Psoriasis and other skin diseases represent a lack of love for oneself and a rejection of all that life you have to offer the individual. The karmic cause lies in the cruelty to animals in a previous existence. In today's life, these people either have fear of these animals or adore them. Allergies often come from a faulty use of a particular energy or are the result of a traumatic experience in this life/ in a previous existence.

Shingles: indicates fear of the future by engaging negative thoughts.

Anorexia nervosa : in a previous existence, the individual manifested greed followed by obesity and early death.


in a previous existence the individual experienced a refusal of society (misanthropy) leading a marginal life. Now the only solution is the love that his close friends must give him.

Smoking: it is related to a weaning problem; detachment from his mother should be cultivated. In some cases it may be related to his father.

Alcoholism : involves problems with the father ; detachment from it must be cultivated.

Angina : represents the fear of expressing oneself or asking for something from the parents / partner.

Arthritis : spriti too critical and stiff; rigidity coming from the mental.


running away from someone or something.

Conjuctivitis : unexpressed mania, frustration.

Constipation: attachment, possessiveness, refusal to get rid of the old schemes that have become useless.

Diarrhea; Hemorrhoids; Water retention: refusal, fear, to weaken strain.

Herpes : sexual culpability.

Insomnia : culpability.

Bad in means of transport:

fear of losing control; the river of the sea in connection with the fear of death.

Nausea, vomiting : the rejection of an idea, a person or an experience. For a pregnant woman, the same interpretation: she did not really want to have the baby.

Prostate : prostate problems are related to sexual culpability / fear of aging.

Rheumatism: resentment, weakening of love for his neighbor, rigidity, harshness.

Gutturai: it is triggered in a period of confusion of the individual or after a fear / culpability. The flowing nose represents tears and a necessary purification. The nose represents intuition and self-knowledge, being related to the frontal chakra (Ajna).


thyroid problems emphasize that the person can not express himself as he wishes and can try humiliation.

Myopia : indicates the fear of the future and the fact that in a previous experience the individual did not want to see any help his close friends. Often parents inspire the child's fear, which triggers a retinal process causing little by little myopia.

Headaches: resistance to the current of life or to the purpose of its incarnation / to change; sometimes self-criticism and self-denigration; lack of self-love.

Stiff neck: refusal to change, fear of novelty.


difficulty making decisions.

Neck : any problem related to the neck corresponds to the fear of asking and expressing oneself or even blocking the inspired creativity.

Ears : the problems correspond to the refusal to understand something / someone.

Small height: in a previous life the individual did not give importance to the expression of his soul, or he had the tendency to limit himself in several areas. Sometimes it is a karma resulting from an improper use of physical force (violence) in a previous existence.

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