The Spiritual Fall - Causes and Solutions

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The Spiritual Fall – Causes and Solutions

Those who fall do it differently, depending on ... the speed with which they climbed and the ..."height" they had conquered.

The so-called spiritual fall it is a risk of spiritual evolution.
Usually, a person who started at a certain level and had the chance to grow spiritually, after falling spritual, sometimes knows a level below the level he was at before starting the beneficial evolutionary stage (but has a richer experience and ... knows the way).

I mean here you check the statement:

"The higher you fall, the harder you hit..."

There is therefore a difference between those who are on a spiritual path of accelerated evolution and those who are not and live life in the usual way, from today to tomorrow, always doing what the society of their time teaches them, earning and losing money, doing good or bad deeds, more or less attached to the fruits of their actions.
Some of them still read or seek in art and culture the "flavor" of life, others in power, others in raising children, but, unfortunately, most do not get to notice that life itself is the spiritual way and that

it is important to pass the trials but it is essential how you go through the trials,

because the daily tests we take are our achievements and, in addition,

the way we pass them transforms us.

Most people who got rich say "don't ask me how I did the first million" and they, really, I think it's not very important how they did it but the fact that now they "succeeded".

Well, the method "brother to hell until you cross the bridge" is a trick, because "until you cross the bridge" you change, you transform, and the true meaning of your deeds "impregnates" the apparent success.

In the end, the "gold" obtained is "cursed gold" that will carry with it the intentions, and the meanings of the deeds by which it was obtained.

The "poor and clean" perspective is very valid, it's true, in part, because we should correct and say

"be it poor, but to be clean"...
because you can be rich or succeed in any right direction even if you are "clean"...

The temptation to "not remain clean" is a spiritual test and, with the utmost certainty, we can say that we can succeed in a direction without doing any miserable deeds.
Sometimes it is not possible, but this is not because of us, but because the action in question is not in accordance with the divine will. So, we have to stop doing that.

For people on a spiritual path, failure can come, first of all, by abandoning the spiritual practice and by unjustified loss of trust in the spiritual master or in their teacher.


This is quite possible when

- the spiritual information is not put into practice and a majority intellectual approach is realized or not even this one

-when the spiritual evolution is not put first, as important and excessively activated in worldly fields: money, business, politics

- when the spiritual level or the dominant frequency of resonance of the respective person decreases, due to the entourage, illness, nutrition (often an abuse of meat and alcohol diet generated such falls), the use of drugs,

-when compromises are made with one's own conscience accepting situations like "yes, I want to be proud" "yes, I want to I cool by saying my superiority" "yes, I'm jealous and I want to respect this" "yes, I want to possess as much as possible and this is one of my great pleasures" "yes, I want to assert myself in front of others or to have more social power, because it is important to me"

-when the sexual continence is not respected or it is sought to reverse the flow of the essential spiritual energy of the Kundalini Shakti being

and others.

A crack, once realized, grows a lot and what seemed, at first, a little significant, grows in force and, after a while, the little "worm" in the Heart becomes a veritable "dragon" that can be destroyed, however, but with much more effort than if the corrective approach had occurred as soon as the trend appeared.


How can we protect ourselves from the inner dangers that can generate our spiritual fall?

First of all by
observance and application in practice of the advice of a competent person.

But this is not always with us and, most of the time, we will be our own spiritual masters.

Observance of ethical and moral rules,
such as nonviolence, truth, nonaccumulation, non-theft and-very importantly-sexual continence. We can say that very often the lack of sexual defeat or the lack of preservation of the sexual continent makes the efficiency of spiritual practice to decrease a lot and give the impression of inefficiency.
This means, in fact, that it is we still face the lower temptations (so we still do not have a very high degree of purity and spiritual achievement), but we do not follow them.

It is something that a conscious being can surely achieve because it depends on its will.

It is true that, due to the inferior tendencies that have made the need to take an action that contravenes these spiritual principles appears, by stopping the approach to achieve something negative, most likely there will appear a frustration, smaller or greater, which, in time, can accumulate and sometimes (only sometimes) can generate some problems.

This is solved by spiritual practice.

If we abandon the practice or have an exclusively intellectual approach, sometimes the accumulated frustrations will then generate a "revolt" that some people cannot resist.

So the practice of inner transformation or spiritual training is essential and it protects us from problems and frustrations, while offering us the gems of new qualities that develop in us.

Helpful elements could be: the offering of light, fasting, various methods of food purification, the consistent ingestion of plants suitable for the intended purpose (of course, it is legal plants, not illegal plants or drugs), reading information and spiritual texts and attending entourages with spiritual preoccupations.

Some negative effects that can occur due to spiritual fall:

- amplification of hubris at exceptional levels
- abandoning even the smallest amount of practice or spiritual training and non-observance of spiritual principles or a part of them
-"slavery" towards some bad habits, such as lack of sexual continent, love affairs devoid of love, exacerbated jealousy, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, unhealthy eating
-the appearance of an aberrant need to harm the one who has done you good
-knowingly ignoring the obvious evidences of the value of the spiritual principles and of the efficiency of the Way, motivating this with the existence of some bad aspects or imaginary or real imperfections
-the development of a false and visibly distorted prespective on the spiritual master or the teacher, the perspective that ignores with great "care" the significance of most of the evidence about the value of his activity.

What do we do if we realize our fall, but we do not feel in us the specific power to overcome obstacles or to "rise" (cases of self-indulgence do not come into question)?

It is not unnatural to encounter great hardships and there is no shame in admitting it. "Shame" is when we know and can act and we do not act, but otherwise, asking for help is perfectly justified and fair and we will certainly receive some support.

The answer is valid for all situations in which we want something good, correct, but which completely exceeds our current possibilities.

The solution is to appeal to a higher consciousness and sometimes to collective help.

Examples of higher consciousnesses can be:

God himself, Jesus Christ, various angels in the angelic hierarchies, beginning with the guardian angel or guardian of spiritual evolution, great cosmic powers or other entities known to be perfectly divinely integrated, great spiritual masters whom we recognize as such.

Collective help is likely to be called when we have access or are part of a collective or spiritual group that knows certain appropriate practices (even the couple of people of the opposite sex based on love and transfiguration is such a group).

"Appropriate" practices can even be prayer or appeal to God or a divine pattern.

This collective help is good to be done, in order to be more efficient, in unison - so at the same time with the same type of spiritual effort for all participants.


We wish you to avoid entirely the inner spiritual obstacles and to obtain as soon as possible the state of perfection!

Is it possible to feel and practice the highest spirituality, moral and ethical, being in the middle of life and enjoying it to the fullest?

Yes, it is possible!

It is possible to be a good being, intelligent, with social success and even with many friends and people who appreciate you and love you sincerely... without compromising and without "losing your soul" chasing money, power, glory or appreciation of others?

Yes, it is possible!

The Way of the Heart - Abheda Yoga is an essential form of practice that leads very directly to the realization of the essence of the phenomenal world, generating spiritual integration in the middle of life, the awakening of the soul and self-knowledge.

It proposes to offer the possibility of authentic relation to life and to the Self, to be able to be as much "ourselves" as possible, to the best possible potential, as correct and as authentic as possible.

The Way of the Heart - Abheda Yoga offers the possibility of a real spiritual progress.

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