About A Give – Kahlil Gibran

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a-giveAbout A Give – Kahlil Gibran

Then a rich man said:

On the Way of the Heart the wise man cannot be stingy.

The poorest man is not the one who does not have, but the one who is stingy, because he constantly feels as if he is poor, though he, perhaps, is not.
Otherwise, you may feel rich, even if you don’t have much.

And what is wealth other than a state to enjoy…!?

Because money is, for example, in the box or in the bank, and it only creates a mental state.
But it becomes effective and can only have effects when money is spent or given away.

Here’s the quote from Kahlil Gibran:

“Tell us about the Gifts.”
And he answered, saying:
“Give but a little, when you give of what is yours.
Only by giving of yourself, truly give.
For, tell me, what are your possessions other than some things that you keep with greatness, believing that tomorrow you will need them?
And tomorrow, what will tomorrow bring to the very far-sighted dog, hiding the bones in the quicksand, while following the pilgrims to the holy city?
And what is the fear of poverty, if not poverty itself?
And the horror of thirst, around the full wells, isn’t the thirst the most unquenchable?

There are some who give a little of the abundance that they have and this to be recognized as their generosity.
but that hidden desire humbles the gift made.

There are, then, others who, a little having, give it their all.
They believe in life and the magnanimity of life, and their bag is never empty.
They are the ones who give with joy, and their joy is their great reward.
But there are also those who give with pain, and only pain remains their baptism.
Finally, there are those who give without feeling any pain or joy, not knowing their virtues.
They are like the myrtle in the valley, which spreads its fragrance in space.
Through the hands of such creatures God speaks, and out of the bowel of their eyes He smiles at the Earth.

It’s good to give when asked, but even better without being asked, out of understanding.
And for those willing to give, to seek the afflicted is a greater joy than the gift itself.
Because, is there anything to refuse?
Oh, of course, everything that belongs to you will be given to you one day,
So give now, in the season of your giving, and not in that of your heirs.

You often say, “I’m going to give, but only to those who deserve it.”

The trees in your orchards, however, do not say so, nor do the flocks in the imașuri.
They give so that they may live, because to keep is to perish.
Of course, the one who deserves his days and nights, deserves everything from you as well.
And he who deserved to drink from the ocean of life, has every right to fill his cup from your little stream as well.

Is there greater merit than that which lies in the courage and confidence to receive mercy?
And who do ye suppose, that men may tear their chests apart, and deny their pride, that ye may see their merits and their pride?
Take heed, that first you may deserve to be the giver and instrument of giving,
For, indeed, it is life that gives life, while it is you who consider yourself benefactors only to witness it.

And you who receive – and you all receive! – do not take the burden of any gratitude so as not to willingly put a yoke on you and to those who give.
Arise, rather with the giver, receiving his gifts as wings,
For to heed your debts too much is to doubt the generosity of the giver, who has the magnanimous earth as his mother, and whose father the Creator himself is.”

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