The Art and Power to Give and Receive Love

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Leo Radutz
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Leo Radutz
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"Love is a totalizing feeling through which we can feel, even if we have an individual, limited level of consciousness,
the state of 'Oneness in Diversity and Diversity in Oneness'.

It is a "shortcut" that allows the limited being to awaken spiritually in a flash, to intuit the Limitless and then even to live it in a real way.
Through love we experience the polarity between what appears to be the Part and the Rest - the Observer has the illusion that it is incomplete and that by uniting with something seemingly external - the Rest - will achieve the completeness and fullness long dreamed of.
There are two more important aspects of love:
- love through the intuition of the manifestation of the Self in the other and this is a love that has no limits of age, sex, species, kingdom, because we love the essence of the other and
- love through the intuition of the manifestation of a Universal Archetype in the other being - the Supreme Shakti or the Supreme Shiva - a situation in which we see through the other a manifestation - it is true, fleeting - of an eternal divine aspect.

Often, as a result of love and without being love, there is the attachment to what we have previously felt and which often leads us to the attachment to the apparent exerior source of love, instead of understanding that what is external is only a catalyst and an apparent channel through which love comes to us - it comes, in fact, out of ourselves. It is similar to the situation in which the drunkard loves and divinizes the grumbling, for it seems to him that he is the source of his Bahraini ecstasy.

Love does not come with suffering but suffering arises due to the disappearance of love and its replacement with attachment.
Longing is not attachment, but the manifestation in our being of the intuition of the presence of unity and completeness of the union between the Part and the Rest. The more intense the longing, the more the "target" of longing is already present in us."
Leo Radutz

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