Inner smile – practical for a long and happy life

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Inner smile – practical for a long and happy life

“The technique of the inner smile is very simple, accessible to anyone and has an efficiency that we can quickly recognize.
Anyone can enjoy the results of this practice, being deeply connected to our deep nature.
The inner smile is emphasized within the Taoist teaching, but it is precisely explained and practiced also in Abheda Yoga.
It is an element by which ananda – the supreme bliss can penetrate any seemingly external or inner appearance.
We are publishing here the Taoist perspective on this fascinating method.

Through something so simple our physical body, our organs or any subtle shells can know ANANDA.
Moreover, even external aspects or beings can be boosted or enriched in ANANDA – the supreme bliss through our inner smile. It only requires a minimum of training.
It costs nothing, we do not lose anything – we just win.

If this technique is practiced with Adi Mudra as a background, its efficiency increases greatly by accessing its unlimited possibilities.

Wholeheartedly practice the technique of the inner smile and live life as a spiritual path.”

Leo Radutz

Inner smile – practical for a long and happy life

A benevolent attitude, a heart at peace with all aspects of life, most often translates into a smile.
We notice that people smile when they are gripped by:

  • emotional states of low intensity, positive, accompanied by physical and mental relaxation
  • an obvious lack of any stress.
    As a rule, we smile at a being, or maybe we smile at a memory – in any case, our smile is an external signal of our well-being – a calm, peaceful and serene “good”.
Most people don’t know that…
we can also manifest a sui-generis “inner smile”; it essentially represents the attitude and the affective state that accompanies a common smile.

The Taoist masters recognized the exceptional importance of the affective foundation of the smile.
They synthesized all the above information in a spiritual technique, with extraordinary curative and preventive value – the “inner smile“.

The “inner smile” is a very effective meditation of global healing and relaxation.
For a more beneficial state, for relaxation and meditation we will create a serene atmosphere and a state of inner calm.
A relaxed mental attitude, the abdominal breathing that we will practice, will calm our mind and begin to relax our body.
Deep relaxation dissolves physical and mental tensions, which can cause energy blockages.
The inner smile amplifies the energy of organs and glands, the vital force in general;
it soothes the heart and mind and allows for a better concentration of attention.

The inner smile makes us become more aware of our inner body and being, as we learn to communicate with the organs, glands, spine and other specific areas of the body, as well as with the soul.
The daily practice of the inner Smile ensures the gradual installation of an “inner vision“.
It allows us to be aware of the state of our internal organs, of our energy, breath and emotions.

By practicing the “Inner Smile” we can begin to develop a healthy relationship, full of love with ourselves and with others.

This is how we begin to know our qualities.

The “inner smile” cultivates the ability to love and relax one’s own body and psyche. If we learn to love and accept ourselves as we are, it becomes easier and more natural to extend this love outwardly and also to love and accept all people, just like ourselves. The one who smiles develops the ability to give and receive love.

The technique itself:

We relax the forehead and become aware of the energy of the smile gathering before the eyes like a golden light. We relive the feelings we had at a happy moment in our lives. While maintaining this feeling, we project in front of us, as in a mirror, an image of our own face smiling. We smile sincerely, inside ourselves, relaxing and feeling our eyes full of smile. We feel that energy of the smile shining like the sun.

We absorb the energy of the smile through a point located between the eyebrows. We feel the development of the third eye. Energy pours into the nose and cheeks, relaxes the skin of muscles and cheeks, warms the entire face. We let the smile overflow into the mouth, penetrate into the jaws, which it relaxes; we feel the energy of the smile penetrating the tongue, activating the salivation. We touch the roof of the mouth with the tongue and keep it there throughout the practice (this connects the meridians of The Conception Vessel and the Governor Vessel, which are the two main energy channels of the body).

We swallow the saliva and let the energy of the smile penetrate into the throat, feeling the throat open like a blooming flower, while the energy removes any tension. We smile at the thyroid and parathyroids, located in the front of the neck, we let the energy of the smile flow into the thymus, a gland located between the neck and the sternum, feeling it dilating while radiating the warm, fragrant energy of the smile down into the heart.

We smile at the heart and thank it for making the blood circulate throughout the body. The energy of the smile transforms us into beings full of joy, light, love, compassion, feeling how these virtues radiate to the organs, glands and throughout the body.

The energy of the smile passes into the lungs, cheers them up, cheers them up, turning any sadness and depression into justice and courage. We smile at every cell of the lungs, thanking them for providing oxygen to the body and eliminating carbon dioxide.

The energy of the smile passes into the liver, located in the right side, inferior to the chest box, taming it, turning its anger into generosity. We smile at the liver and thank it for its role in digestion, processing, storage and elimination of nutrients and in neutralizing any toxic substance.

We smile at the pancreas, located on the lower left side of the chest, above the waist, thanking it for producing insulin, which regulates the level of sugar in the blood and the enzymes necessary for digestion.

We smile at the spleen, located behind the pancreas, on the left side, thanking it for producing antibodies that fight diseases. As we smile at the spleen and pancreas, we feel how any feeling of worry turns into honor.

We bring the energy of the smile into the kidneys, located in the lumbar region of the back, on both sides of the spine, thanking them for filtering the blood and maintaining the water balance in the body. We feel the kidneys cool down, freshen and clean.

We smile at the adrenal glands, feeling how any feeling of fear turns into joy and gentleness, courage and tenderness.

We lower the energy of the smile in the area of the genitals, thanking them for producing hormones and providing us with sexual energy. We bring the energy charged with all these qualities into the navel and store it there. Then, again, this time in reverse, the energy goes through the previous road, checking the organs, one by one, if it retains any voltage, and we smile at any voltage until it is eliminated.

When the energy of the smile has reached the third eye again, we allow it to flow into the mouth, we swallow the saliva, allowing the smile to descend through the esophagus to the stomach, located under the left side of the chest; this energy relaxes him, filling him with joy, as the energy penetrates into him. We thank the stomach for digesting food.
We smile at the small intestine, located in the abdomen, thanking it for absorbing nutrients.

We thank the large intestine for eliminating the waste. We go back the other way of removing any voltages, and we check if they still exist. We smile at that tension until it melts and disappears.

We orient our attention again in the middle of the forehead, and we absorb as much energy as possible at the point between the eyebrows. We smile at the pituitary gland, located 7-10 cm behind the point between the eyebrows, feeling it bloom, we smile at the pineal gland, from the top of the head, feeling it expand and grow, then the thalamus, located just above the spine.

Then the smile bathes the cerebral hemispheres, in order to balance and nourish them, descends through the spine, vertebrae with vertebra (7 cervical, 12 thoracic, 5 lumbar), to the sacred bone and the coccyx. We feel a state of great relief, warm-up and comfort at the level of each vertebra. The intervertebral discs soften as the spine expands and elongates. We feel our backs relaxed comfortably.

Again we go the other way, smiling at the entire route, with a maximum stress relief, which greatly amplifies the flow of spinal fluid and calms the nervous system. When there are no more tensions, the energy is free and circulates upwards through the column, like an artesian well.

We feel our whole body relaxed. We feel the energy descending along the entire body, like a cascade of love and peace, penetrating into all the vital organs. Muscles, skin and joints relax, while the whole body unwinds.

Finally, we store the energy in the navel by cumulating it in the form of a mentally created spiral, covering the navel with both palms (left over right in men, with the spiraling of energy clockwise, and right over left in women, with spiraling counterclockwise 36 times). Then the meaning is reversed in both men and women, the spiraling being done only 24 times. We then return at our own pace to the usual state of consciousness.

It is very good if we keep the state of tranquility, calm and peace specific to the inner smile throughout the day.

In fact, the technique can be evoked at a faster pace, bringing back to memory the benevolent, “smiling” attitude that accompanied us in our journey related to each organ or body area. It is enough to focus our attention on all vital organs, then on the body areas in the block, impregnating this attention with the deeply beneficial emotion of the smile. Thus, the wonderful effects, bringing vigor, health and relaxation of the practice of the “Inner Smile” will be maintained almost continuously, coupling us to our inner resources and gradually unifying our entire being.


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