About Corona flu hysteria

Suggested reaction to corona flu hysteria:

Let us keep our temper smiling almost in our hearts,strongly support solidarity and make intense use of everything Abheda has taught us!

If we use simple means of prevention and healing, even if we are active and mind our own business – we most likely get nothing.

In addition, by trusting and reporting to Infinite we can have larger or even very large capacities.

We bring to your attention some reflections and solutions to what is happening now

We invite you

let us not fall prey to induced obsession and fear,let us remain aware, but let us not be left in the face of the supposed danger, nor should we ignore it foolishly.

It is easy to

we approach events with fear that triggers the focus on the individual survival response, but always the one who is more conscious succeeds better than the one who is not.

That’s why we’re asking

to advise all those who insist in fear to control it and not to insist on passing it on to others. Better to seek to act wisely, because we are not devoid of means but we do have a lot.
First of all, it is not hard to suggest that something is strange:
the reaction of the media and authorities in almost all countries is excessive and we feel that there is something hidden.

Is it the reality of conspiracy or conspiracy theory?

If we keep our lucidity (and in Abheda Yoga lucidity is the main cultured treasure) we can observe the following:

  • this has been tried in the past
  • avian influenza does not exist in birds, not just humans, but all birds were killed, especially from the private area and burned
    close to the vineyards; on this occasion Romania became a net importer of poultry meat, the machines were disinfected with an expensive formal juice and vaccines were bought that most people did not accept and then threw themselves
  • it was very insistent that the HPV vaccine be made in Romania for all girls, although it has been shown to produce not only sterility but also other problems
  • swine fever “appeared” as if by magic in any place in Romania and hundreds of thousands of healthy pigs were killed – > a gigantic carnage
  • The mayor closed the schools twice for nothing: once because it snowed normally, naturally and “finally”
    and another time because he said there would be a devastating big storm -> was a wind that neither ventilation did much, but for them methods of creating psychosis and attracting attention en masse have been experimented; was a small, local experiment used for a political person, but now it works together all the press for a much more important purpose
  • there were quite large and sincere rallies against the adoption of the forced vaccination law and were boycotted by the press;
  • instead the press has constantly worked together to generate a psychosis: calls to stop emptying store shelves, trumps when almost no one thought, frantic discussions under the guise of civics to amplify the concern
    (it’s like you’re pretending to calm people down and shouting loudly: “Don’t panic. Don’t pile on your way out” and people do.

What we want to tell you:

There is, in our view, a hidden agenda that can be known as the “New World Order”

Is there this NOM, i.e. is it the reality of the conspiracy or is it conspiracy theory?
Yes, it is real, it is studied in college, and Mr. Ion Iliescu mentioned it in a clear speech in which he said that he was glad that he lived to catch the beginning of the NOM, but that he was sorry that he would not be present at her “content”.

NOM wants to install the world state, the single currency, population control by all methods but especially through identification chips and permanent rapid facial recognition facilities.

“All we need is a major crisis, and nations will accept the New World Order” (NOM)

David Rockefeller


Here is a clip in which Bill Gates explains how they want to reduce the population through drugs and vaccines.
In fact, if global warming is true, co2 reduction can be achieved by replacing the consumerist model, which generates technical-scientific progress, military progress and economic domination, by stimulating man to consume more and more goods and services, making him increasingly dependent on desires, according to the principle:
“Social need is amplified to the extent of its satisfaction.”

At this point, their urgency is to pass the law of forced vaccinations, which is contrary to human rights that prohibitthem forced medicaltreatment ; otherwise it’s like Auschwitz or Dr. Mengele’s.

And there are probably other purposes related to the urgent acceptance of the NOM agenda

Here an article about this topic, published on the hotnews website.

What is the situation, in our opinion, with coronavirus-generated influenza?

  • is, in our opinion, a newer flu and is transmitted as a flu, when it has, has more deaths than the flu “uncorona” (but this is relative, because many contaminants do not declare) but the word influenza is avoided from any communication.
  • has no vaccine, this impresses but, anyway, the usual flu does not have a vaccine because what is said to be the vaccine is for the previous flu virus; in addition, the usual flu – when they still die – also vaccinated people and unvaccinated people die
  • in Italy no special measures were taken for long, the contamination was free and the result was that a few people died (very few other problems and scourges present to mankind).
  • even so, the average age of the deceased is 81 years (!); we have compassion for them but many very old people have an inner Tamasic attitude, are not active (at their level), already have difficult diseases and find it difficult to withstand any shock; therefore the risk is higher but otherwise the corona flu has healed
  • due to the reaction of people and authorities, those who have flus are wary of showing it, so the number of those detected with corona flu is much lower than the reality; therefore the official percentages are not safe.
  • the only element that makes the corona group more important is that if it is a difficult variant of influenza, more people die than with “uncorona” flus, but still very few and only those with big problems, especially caused by old age
  • in our opinion, even if no special measures were taken, few people would die and most would experience this as a common flu.
  • even if the corona flu were not almost a hoax and it would be a severe and dangerous epidemic (although it is not), we should still keep our temper smiling almost in our heart,strongly support solidarity and make intensive use of everything
    Abheda has taught us.

Do we have solutions?

Yes, they are simple and we can find them here or in the course with the same theme that we offered a long time ago, anticipating the intention and events related to corona flu.

Please study and apply this information because we will not be able to say that we did not know.

I put the information on the site HERE.

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