COVID, flu and colds – improvement or cure by Abheda Ayusya

The information is synthetic and is exposed from the perspective of “diseases, not people” to be a simple guide and accessible to many; in reality, each case is personal, individualized and depends on the predominant structural type and possible dezechilbres of the elements in the patient’s body.

This information should be used with discernment, and where the state of health requires it, under the supervision of a doctor.

Abheda Yoga’s special abilities develop gradually and they must be tested through prudent practice.

Scurtă sinteză pentru COVID

Following the many months in which it was possible to test many methods, the following effective actions were detached, which must be completed with the details exposed here.

– Ivermectin (fully certified by a third of the planet that has used it extensively to treat COVID, even in free putty offered by the government – link HERE)

– Agripavi


– hydroxychloroquine (certified by the experience of countries that have already used it on a large scale – link HERE)

– sudorific friction with the product Transpirici or any friction from the trade



– method of mucus elimination

– PANAX bitters 77+7 plants or any Swedish bitters





are a category of suffering that occurs due to disturbances of elements of our structure and due to contamination with certain viruses or bacteria.
These agents are powerful when encountering damaged terrain,either due to the disturbances mentioned (usually air and fire) but also due to the weakening of the immune system, which is an essential protection.

“The Current”

it is something that many people do not notice or do not believe exists but the effects are real and a series of sufferings can occur due to disturbances in the bioenergetic aura through the relatively long action of an air current.
This occurs even if this current is not strong (but manifests itself long enough) or even if it is not a current of cold but warm air.

A strong yogi has problems or has mild and transient symptoms, but until we reach an acceptable level in this direction we will be able to apply with ingenuity a series of information from Ayusya – Abheda Yoga.

We can meet

  • respiratory discomfort, bronchitis, pneumonsand
  • gout, “red throat”, tonsillitis, rhinitis, laryngitisand
  • Flu
  • virosis

To strengthen the immune system:

  • the secret aparoli process performed even in the morning is enough to exceptionally strengthen the immune system (especially preventive);
  • pranayama with complete yogic breath and Infusion – Nisheka throughout the body;
  • Greeting of the Sun – Surya Namaskar light executions;
  • working on Anahata Chakra, with appropriate aasanes and pranayama with complete yogic breath;
  • Anaharin – black fasting only with water – is carried out with proper hydration and careful not to significantly affect the pranic vitality, so a number of days or a day yes and a day no, but with caution from the mentioned montiv; if the vitality decreases greatly objectively, Anaharin is interrupted;
  • pollen;
  • ginseng;
  • echinacea;
  • ashwaganda;
  • sea buckthorn;
  • preventive and curative fruits and vegetables with high or very high vitamin C content – parsley juice, lemon or orange juice, poppy, beetroot juices, apples and carrots, excess vitamin C fat soluble preferably along with lysine, vitamin D3.

To strengthen vitality:

  • asanes with effects on muldahara – Bhadrasana, Virasana, Padahastasana, Paschimotanasana, Janu Shirshasana and others;
  • pranayama with complete yogic breath on muladhara;
  • ucchara with mantra on muladhara;
  • ginseng;
  • oral celery in any form – especially seed powder;
  • pollen;
  • licorice;
  • cure with royal jelly (keep cold in the refrigerator, not in the freezer)

General beneficial actions

  • absolute sexual continence Arohana or abstinence:
  • for strengthening the praanic structure Pranamaya Kosha – praanic techniques called Infusion – Nisheka and Tala – The Surface “Diamond Armor” ;
  • Uddhyana Bandha, Nauli Kriya, Vira Olimudra – Alchemy of hero;
  • Kapalabhati pranayama (for all mentioned diseases affecting the airways and sinuses);
  • meditation for the burning of karma: with mantra AUM, Anuttara, Ananta, bright white;
  • working on Manipura – pranyama with complete yogic breath, Mayurasana, Nabhiasana, Dhanurasana, Indolasana; although it seems that amplification of the inner warhead could generate fever, in fact a strong fire allows us to withstand thermal extremes, including very hot and can also regulate fever; in the event of a fever, however, we must act with caution;
  • excess vitamin C from natural sources or, if we do not have the possibility, from the pharmacy; is more effective fat-soluble vitamin C, along with lysine and vitamin D3;
  • hydration with hot teas;
  • 2-4 natural aspirin (with willow extract or other plants) or 2 synthetic (to avoid) every 6 hours but only if we eat something;
  • propolis tincture in significant amounts, especially if we have irritated throat; it can be taken by putting drops of propolis on the squares of the breadcrumbs;
  • gargle with highly concentrated brine (water with kitchen salt) (if we have irritated cooking, tonsillitis or laryngitis); this method disinfects the space and reduces inflammation, removes pus from the tonsils.

For rhinitis

  • jala neti – the procedure of purifying the nasal passages with salt water (if it is a stuffy nose);
  • we can also use commercial products for unclogging the nose, but it is good to choose the natural one – for example, formulated with natural and essential oils;
  • it is good to avoid getting to breathe through the mouth;
  • Oral taking of a drop of essential peppermint or eucalyptus oil can help us a lot;
  • Kapalabhati pranayama, if we can;
  • inhalations – boil 2 liters of water and prepare a large bowl, a saucepan or a lighean, the optimal diameter of the dish being 20-25 cm. Put a spoonful of the mixture of calluses, chamomile, mint and green tea (detoxifying effect)
    Put a few drops of eucalyptus oil, a teaspoon of NEIODATA salt and a sprig of thyme. On top of all this we pour hot water, which is boiling, but not boiling. Leave to infuse for 3 minutes, stirring continuously with a spoon.
    We then sit on top of the bowl with a towel over our heads and inhale the warm steam for 15 minutes. We leave a “window” in the towel tent so that the inspired steam is not too hot, but relatively bearable.

If we cough

It’s good to know that long-term dry coughing can irreversibly damage the voice and cause lung damage.

In COVID one of the main problems is the inactivation of the function of the lungs by accumulating thick mucus. Through this phenomenon, man can reach the ICU, intubation and death.

In principle, all this dangerous journey can be avoided using

the yogic method of mucus elimination that you can consult HERE.

For this the extract of plantain is exceptional. Preferably it is to prepare it ourselves, because in trade it has a low concentration.

Inhalations can help significantly if we have dry cough.

For dry cough a possible treatment: milk with honey.
Boil a cup of milk and add a tablespoon of organic honey. We mix well and eat hot. We drink a few cups a day. We don’t drink or eat half an hour after drinking hot milk.

Natural treatment for dry cough: black radish syrup
Cut a black radish thick slices of about 3-5 millimeters. Place a slice of radish, a spoonful of honey and alternating in a small bowl. Leave to warm until the next morning. The syrup obtained is kept in the dark bottle and drunk from it a teaspoon if necessary.

Natural treatment for dry cough: onion syrup
Give through the small grater 3 onions, add 2 tablespoons of honey and a cup of water. Boil for 15 minutes and the syrup is ready. Leave to cool and take one teaspoon at a time.

Natural treatment for dry cough: horseradish syrup
Shave through the small grater 1-2 horseradish roots, add a teaspoon of vinegar and half a cup of honey. Leave to macerate for 24 hours, then consume one teaspoon at a time.

If we have a fever

Because fever is a defense mode, we can establish a maximum support period of 12 hours (if it does not have dangerous values – above 38 degrees Celsius);

If it has dangerous values (39-42 degrees C) or the support period has passed:

  • we can quickly cool the body by immersion in water colder than 37 degrees (so it is not necessary to enter the tub filled with very cold water, it can also at 20-25-30 degrees)
  • we can cool the body by breathing only on the left nara (we cover the right nara with a cotton swab, for example); maximum 3h to 4h, taking an hour break when breathing normally
  • Shitali and Sita Kari pranayama cool the body;
  • especially at night we use stockings soaked with natural vinegar covered with a polyethylene bag glued with duct tape so as not to spread the smell of vinegar; we can also decrease it with ibuprofen or algocalmin but it is to be avoided because it is not natural (it has adverse effects) and because it has no effect on the causes of suffering in this case; it is therefore possible to feel good about ibuprofen because the temperature has dropped but we are equally sick;
  • slices of raw potato put in contact with the skin around the neck and fastened with a bandage or scarf – 8-24 h
  • hyperthermal bath – a wonderful bath as long as possible with hot water in which we dissolve 2-3 kg of salt or more; after the bath can be a lot of sweating and then rest in a warm room;
  • rub with alcohol or alcohol in which weld plants have been tinctured and then rest in a warm room;

Digestive problems

If there are digestive manifestations such as diarrheal stools,possible solutions are:

  • clay taken internally
  • mixture of water, honey or sugar and salt, (preferably up to 8 grams per litre) for remineralization and regeneration;
  • a “hand of uncooked rice” taken internally;
  • sometimes helps the consumption of mint leaves or cheese.

If there are problems like: stomach pain, gastritis, ulcer
take the juice of a medium potato (or cabbage juice) and consume on an empty stomach, at least once a day – preferably in the evening. This treatment is able to treat even the ulcer in 3 weeks.

Active natural treatments:

  • star anise powder (oral);
  • garlic in quantities as large as possible but bearable (preferably with food, to be easier to bear; garlic is an antibiotic so strong that the agent of the lepre is also affected and under certain conditions is inactivated;
  • onions in the diet;
  • cloves, cinnamon, preferably taken as tincture or powder; infusions or teas are much less active
  • essential oil of thyme (max 3 drops per day), tea tree (maximum 3 drops), oregano (maximum 3 drops), taken internally and propolis, preferably on the squares of bread and taken together with food;
  • black oil
  • oscillococcinum homeopathic remedy
  • horseradish with beetroot salad and apple vinegar;
  • colloidal silver;
  • ginger syrup, ginger juice, ginger in large quantities consumed as such;
  • lemon juice and honey;
  • turmeric and ginger powder;
  • oxytherapy may be very effective in the case of influenza and virrhosis.


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