About the Laws of Prayer

Prayer is a simple procedure that is based on an axiom that all authentic practitioners recognize as true:

God or the Supreme Consciousness… It really fulfills requests!

It’s true, sooner or later. Or rather, when He sees fit.
It is a mysterious aspect, but no less true.
Manifesting ourselves in a personal relationship with the Personal God, thus considered a being “like us”, but Supreme (in fact, humans are in His image and likeness), God acts as if He has made a covenant with any being who addresses Him, namely—to respond sooner or later to any message or request addressed to Him.

Concretely, through its results, the practice of prayer makes us aware of the Divine presence in and beyond any space and any time.

It makes it obvious that all events have a purpose or role, and gradually a trust in the Supreme Consciousness appears, synonymous here with the so-called faith.
Of course, some people will say that they addressed the Supreme Consciousness and did not receive an answer or did not have a tangible result.

We emphasize that the moment of fulfillment of the request is not chosen by us, nor its conditions as a whole. The Supreme Consciousness is perfectly free and all-powerful, and the complex web of events requires perfect control that only God or Supreme Consciousness can achieve.

Is it right to make pleas to God instead of silently and alone in carrying out our projects?
YES, because prayer is not necessarily a step towards the realization of our projects but, above all, a step in deepening the relationship with the Supreme Consciousness. In addition, it must be carried out with dignity and this is perfectly possible.
“A WINNER will ask for help from others and win, a WINNER will do things on his own, complaining that no one helps him and he will lose.”
It makes all the more sense to ask for His help.

Leo Radutz
AdAnima Academic Society
13. Apr.2010

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