About the need for a spiritual master


What is a spiritual master or an authentic guru?

A Spiritual Master is a person who meets the following conditions:

  • possess a certain achievement or mastery in certain directions and especially in a spiritual direction;
  • has the ability to explain the “road” to those achievements and to guide the becoming of the student or disciple;
  • is recognized as a master by the student.

A spiritual master cannot be someone who calls himself a master (even when he meets the above conditions and possesses unimaginable skills or craftsmanship) but must be recognized by the student’s “heart” as such.

In this sense, the master is not the one we choose from the sonorous names of the spiritual bibliography , but the one who guides us directly, the one who has assumed our “training” with good and bad.

The masters we choose from the “bibliography” are also wonderful, we can learn from their ideas and guidance, but no one is more important than the master with the physical body,with whom we connect and who connects with us and who directly guides us and who, above all,
it can tell us what not to do and it can spur us on what to do.

There is an accepted and necessarily

The master must have accepted the student as a disciple and the student accepted the teacher as the master, with all the responsibilities arising from it.
When this relationship no longer works in one of these senses, the initiatory master-disciple relationship disappears.

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