Effects of Anuttara’s fundamental meditation in Abheda Yoga

Efectele meditației fundamentale Anuttara din Abheda Yoga

– spiritual awakening or enlightenment, moksha, kenosis, metanoia, revelation, satori, ushta, Kevala Jnana ;

– perception of the state of vacuum – shuniata; the state of emptiness is a nondulum state characterized by the increasing absence (up to the Absolute) of thoughts or, even, of any form of mental disturbances;

– getting out of illusion, approaching the Truth, achieving the Supreme Realization, the state of liberation and transcendence of suffering;

– complex and whole state sat-putty-ananda;

the state of mystical ecstasy samadhi, with varying degrees of depth;

– state of inner freedom, transcending any dependencies and attachments;

– access through meditation to the nondual, immutable, eternal happiness;

– inner fulfillment through meditation;

– simțim un suport interior în orice moment și, dacă avem deschidere devoțională, simțim că se amplifică mult credința în Dumnezeu;

– we never have fear of loneliness and being alone is only an opportunity to savor the depths of our own being;
in addition, people who have a devotional openness feel, after obtaining a certain spiritual awakening, the spontaneous intuition that they are never alone, because they are in the Heart of God and God is in their Heart;

– harmonization of subtle bodies and their “alignment”;

– the state of oneness with any being, empathy that is easy to achieve – even instantly;

– quasi-telepathic communication capacity;

– the chance of unsuspected amplification of spiritual efficiency in any activity;

– capacity of conscious out of body experience in the astral plane;

– conscious dream;

– spiritual intuition;

– eficiența practicii asanelor și pranayama este mult imbunătățită;

– spontaneous and deep understanding of the nature of the spiritual master-disciple relationship;
this relationship is much deeper than the mere transmission of information and also contains the subtle, paranormal transmission at the “seed” level of mastery in that direction;
this relationship is two-way, and it requires the disciple to refer to his master as his absolute spiritual guide;
the person felt by the disciple or student as his or her spiritual master must authentically relate to the pupil or disciple as his or her spiritual son;
if these conditions are not ensured, the Transmission is partial or does not take place;

– the natural and spontaneous intuition of the Universal Order;

– impossibility or difficulty to be hypnotized, to be manipulated by others or by our own mind;

– ability to easily transcend anxiety, anguish, fear in all its forms;

– a calm mind, easy to organize;

– bun simț natural;

– the state of wisdom, the increase of the IQ of intelligence and emotional intelligence, even in situations where the person has not benefited from education;

– ability to be successful in almost any other type of meditation;

– transcending the need to confirm or affirm one’s own value, defending a natural and unshakable self-esteem;

– improving or eliminating the difficulties of inner identification, emotional stability, mental stability and natural control of sensations and perceptions;

– transcending vices, awkward addictions to certain harmful habits;

– tendency to choose from life what is essential, consciously and legitimately;
there are many occupations that can be interesting but in the whole “economy” of our time “it is not worth” to have them;
it would be possible to spend our whole lives playing
backgammon or poker but this would be an awkward waste of existence’s resources;

– spontaneous understanding of the significance of the events of a life, including birth, love and leaving the physical body (the so-called death);

– conscious abandonment of the body through the so-called death, a harmonious life with a rapid spiritual evolution afterwards;

în plus, fie în infern, fie în paradis putem accesa realizarea spirituală obținută, controlându-ne apoi cu mare ușurință condițiile existenței;

– much easier control of sexual energies provided we want it;

– authenticity in everything we do and a personal charm that derives from the fact that we are authentic in what we offer to others and in the way we live our own emotions, limits, needs, or joys;

– power to find our spiritual purpose in this life and to fulfill it;

– ability to love very high – if we want it;

– power to cope much better with the challenges inherent in a couple relationship or any other kind of relations with other people or beings from the outside – labor relations, coordination, subordination or collaboration relationships;

– transcending inferior, malevolent tendencies, tendencies towards the manifestation of violence or lack of respect for other beings;

criminalii înrăiți se transformă subit în ființe binevoitoare, care urmăresc ori apără binele cu fermitate;

– outstanding artistic performances;

– significantly higher performance in intense physical exertion and resistance to special suffering;

– much better results in the practice of any sport and especially in sports that require special concentration and exceptional emotional resistance (for example, tennis, shooting and others).


Leo Radutz (yogacharya), founder of the Abheda system, initiator of the Good OM Revolution

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