An architectural company from Madrid, has set up its offices in the forest

Two Spanish architects, Jose Selgas and Lucia Cano, devised what might seem like a dream office for those in good relations with nature. Thus, half of the offices of the selgascano architecture firm they own have been set up in the middle of a forest near Madrid. The offices are included in a kind of aerodynamic tube, half buried in the ground, so that the coolness can make its way into the hot summer days. A long window, raised up to the ceiling, makes way for the natural view and provides the necessary light during the day. Also, the window can rise, allowing the building to be ventilated. The other half of the building is insulated from fiberglass walls to protect those in the offices from direct sunlight.

The level of this unique building is submerged so that the employees sit at their offices and see at the same time the forest that unfolds in all its splendor, at eye level. This, combined with the panoramic view of the forest and the sky, makes the office become at the same time a place of relaxation. Imagine every day of work in a sustainable building, surrounded by a beautiful forest. What could be more wonderful?


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