Help Yoga a lot without spending anything: 3 per thousand of a company’s turnover

HelpThere’s an interesting way to help the Natural Community of Yogis without spending anything.

If you represent an ORGANIZATION or COMPANY, we invite you to join us, because the companies that register profit, from a fiscal point of view, can donate (sponsor) a free aid in the amount of 3 per thousand from the turnover that is deducted from the profit tax due to the state.

So 3 per thousand of the turnover ( but not more than 20% of the profit to be paid to the state) can be paid to the NGO and is legally deducted from the amount of tax to be paid normally, according to the law.

Extract from the tax code Title 2, Chapter. II, Article 21(4),point (p)

“Taxpayers who make sponsorships and / or patronage deeds, according to the provisions of Law no. 32/1994 regarding sponsorship, with subsequent amendments, and of the Library Law nr. 334/2002, republished, with subsequent amendments, as well as those who grant private scholarships, according to the law, deduct from the profit tax due the related amounts, if the total of these expenses cumulatively meets the following conditions:

It is within the limit of 3 per thousand of the turnover;
It does not exceed more than 20% of the corporate tax due.”

SPONSORSHIP, though it is a NON-DEDUCTIBLE EXPENSE IS NOT SUBJECT TO A 16% TAX. SPONSORSHIP IS TOTALLY TAX DEDUCTIBLE, if it falls within the limits imposed by the fiscal code (not to be higher than 3% 0 (thousand) of the Turnover, and 20% higher of the tax).
For this please contact us at the to propose a sponsorship contract.

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