An extraordinary and very secret phenomenon – Tibetan Acoustic Levitation

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Tibetan-monastery-sichuanVery little is known about this unique phenomenon – tibental acoustic levitation, very little is known, being detailed by Bruce Cathie, a researcher from New Zealand, in David Hatcher’s book “Anti – Gravity and the Global Grid”.

The story begins when a Swedish doctor dr. Jarl, arrives in Tibet, and visits a Tibetan monastery around the 1980s. There he receives permission to stay longer and study some phenomena to which very few Westerners had had access before him. The biggest secret of all, it seems, was that of creating a “condensed vibratory sound field in order to cancel out the power of gravity”.

And other experts in exploring the mysteries of Tibet such as Linaver, Spaldin and Hue have heard that Tibetans used sound to make gigantic blocks of stone levitate, and even dr, Jarl had heard of these legends – but he was the first Westerner to see them with his own eyes.

Dr. Jarl was led to a slightly sloping meadow that was flanked in the northwest by the high peaks of the mountains. One of the peaks had a terrace that led him a cave, at a height of 250 meters. The Tibetans had just begun building a wall, consisting of huge stone blocks, above that terrace, but there was no way there. At a distance of about 250 meters from that peak there is a stone slab of 1 meter wide, which had in the center a deep hollow, about 15 cm. Then a group of yaks pulled a huge block of stone over that hollow.

From this moment on, dr. Jarl witnessed a novel phenomenon. The monks sat in a 90-degree arc consisting of three drums and six trumpets, all interspersed towards that block of stone. The drums were made of an iron foil and on top of that it also had a metal foil that was hit with the help of leather-covered sticks. The distance between the instruments and the rock was 63 meters, all instruments being perfectly oriented towards the rock block.

TibetanIn the end, all that was needed was a key ingredient for the whole assembly to work. A group of 200 monks lined up in strings of about eight or ten people — behind each of the nineteen instruments. It turns out that these tools were a way to focus and concentrate the energy consciously generated by the monks (who were obviously specially trained and trained in meditation). Then at a signal the concert began, all the instruments were making a deafening uproar, and the monks were singing and singing a prayer gradually increasing the tempo of that incredible uproar.

In the first minutes nothing happened, but as the speed and rhythm of the drums and the intensity of the sound increased, the massive block of stone began to move and swing, and then suddenly, it rose into the air with increasing speed, going in the direction of the platform in front of the opening of the cave, at a height of 250 meters. After a three-minute ascent, the block landed on the platform.

What happened under the eyes of dr. Jarl was absolutely incredible. To look at a massive block of stone, as big as the ones with which the Great Pyramid was built, as a long, and heavy ascent for three minutes, through the air, in an arch of 500 meters, is something amazing!Dr. Jarl initially thought he had been hypnotized, so he installed a camera and filmed the whole process twice. Later when he watched the movies, he could see that this really happened in reality. He realized that this discovery would deeply shake the world as we know it – even literally speaking. But the scientific society that had sponsored dr. Jarl, he heard of these films, and as expected, they confiscated his originals declaring them strictly secret. Dr. Jarl was “quiet” by telling him that these films would be released in 1990 – but obviously this never happened.

bibliography: “Revealing Investigations on the Field of Consciousness” – David Wilcock


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