Seismologists say that in Romania there could be an earthquake of great depth!

Harta_seismica_re_3cb8a9fe17The honorary director of the Institute of Earth Physics (IPF) from Magurele, Gheorghe Marmureanu, believes that an earthquake will not follow more than 6.5 degrees on the Richter scale, after the 5.5 degrees, in October. “Earthquake de 5.5 degrees cannot be a trigger for a strong earthquake. After an earthquake of 5.5 degrees will not be one of 6.5, that has no way”, said Marmureanu, however he could not specify when exactly this earthquake will occur.

Another seismologist George Purcaru who predicted the earthquake in 1977, claims that it will be an earthquake in 2013: “It will be next in 2013. The affected area is at the Carpatilor Curvature, in the Vrancea region. The earthquake that will be, if it has the direction of eruption in the direction of Bucharest, then it will have destructions (in the Capital area –, but not very large. The magnitude of this earthquake is 6.7 to 7.1-7.2”.

The Secretary of State in the Ministry of Health, Raed Arafat points out that, in the event of a strong earthquake, the hospitals in Bucharest could not cope. Guests in the show “After 20 years“, both Mărmureanu and Arafat made the Romanians think seriously. “A very deep earthquake is now coming.” warned the seismologist, adding it may resemble those produced in Vrancea in 1940 or 1802, which had the magnitude of 7.7 degrees and 7.9 degrees respectively on the Richter scale.

The future big earthquake would hit Moldova and Bessarabia (including Chisinau) harder. Bucharest and Iasi would be more protected.
The effects will be different from those of 1977: “QIn this case, Moldova, Bessarabia, Chisinau, Odessa appears. In Romania, we are talking about Focșani, Bacău, except Iasi. Bucharest will be less affected, in my opinion. That’s what I’m telling you as a civil engineer. , said Mărmureanu.

The General Director of the Institute of Earth Physics, Constantin Ionescu, confirmed that, according to calculations and statistics, deep earthquakes should indeed follow during this period.
He also said that an earthquake can be announced no later than 30 seconds before its occurrence, and SMS would be the most handy solution and that a video with an educational role should be broadcast daily on tv stations, about the emergency situations that could occur in case of a cutre

Under the bank it’s not safe, and SMS causes panic

marbleAccording to Mărmureanu, the recommendations of the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (ISU) are not okay either and should be changed.
“If you are a student, or if you are somehow in bed at night, and the floor falls when you are under the bench, the floor destroys the bank and brings it to the ground and the man’s head makes it…”, said Mărmureanu. On the other hand, students are taught at school to take refuge under benches. Arafat and Mărmureanu also fought the idea of the minister delegate for education, Mihnea Costoiu, to inform the population via SMS. “We need to see if we are causing a panic… We’re all going to wake up on the stairs.” warned Arafat.

Make your home safer!
According to the Guide for behavior in case of earthquake, elaborated by the authorities, any house must be arranged in such a way as to reduce accidents in such a situation:

• Place bulky or heavy objects as close as possible to the floor and away from the doors;
• Store materials that can easily break in cabinets fixed to the wall;
• Find out how you can turn off the power supply, gas and water from the main panels/ pipes;
• Do not make changes that could affect the building’s resistance structure.
The “triangle of life” could dismantle the classic recommendations

According to a document on the website of the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations, the U.S. Red Cross no longer recommends, for over 10 years, to stay within the door because the new types of doors are not incorporated into the structure and may not provide protection.
Moreover, American experts, and not only, recommend that, in the event of an earthquake, people take refuge next to a solid furniture: wardrobe, sofa, because there the “triangle of life” is formed, and not under the table or bed. This phrase was given to those places where, by the fall of some building elements, empty spaces are created, usually when some floors remain leaning on furniture or other hard objects.

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