“THE EFFICIENT GIFT” – ABHEDA YOGA SECRET TECHNIQUE for supporting and protecting planet Earth and Romania

Now is the most precious time to use our yogic capabilities to do good and to do good, by
protecting Romania and the Planet from disasters, epidemics and catastrophes.

Now we propose that

at 21 o’clock or at 6 am or at 15 in the afternoon, every day, until we manage to avoid these problems, to enthusiastically practice the “EFFECTIVE GIFT”.

We live, it is said, a technologically developed age that is also a maximum of the spiritual decay of the planet

Even these days, the great powers and people who have lost touch with the soul are killing fellows with astounding cruelty in the name of a religious ideal or just for power.

The Third World War is knocking on the door or has already begun in various forms, the planet’s resources are being wasted, the forests are being cut down, the animals are disappearing species after species and people are making more and more diseases because they are nonchalantly eating dangerous toxins and poisons.
The situation of the planet and of our country is SERIOUS because Romania is at the crossroads of some zones of influence, and on the territory of Romania there has been a real war for depopulation for some time, while, it seems, the true rulers of the world are preparing Romania’s space for an administrative role in the single planetary state (but under their domination).

“Effective gift” is a powerful meditative method

which aims to urgently help the planet and the space of the country chosen by the practitioner, whatever it may be.

It is true, we, because we are Romanians and because we want to stimulate events in order for Romania to fulfill its spiritual mission, we will achieve for our country.
Romania or, better yet, Dacia, the original country from which, in a way unknown to us now, the peoples of Europe started.
If, however, you are more familiar with the name of Romania, obviously you can use it.
If you want to support the planet in this difficult time and, at the same time, to support another country, the process naturally adapts to the desired country.

Very important – all this is achieved without imposing anything, without in any way harming someone’s free will, so without being black magic.

Of course, many meditative ways for the peace and balance of the planet are proposed in the world.

The Effective Gift” has the quality to help
both on the practitioner
as well as the country
and planet Earth.

The size of the effect is depending on the number of those who meditate at the same time and the depth of meditation. People from very long distances can be influenced in order to have a wiser attitude, without being forced to it, but only having at their disposal more than ever the POWER TO CHOOSE.


Effects of applying the “Effective Gift” method:

  • protecting Romania and the Planet from natural disasters, epidemics and catastrophes
  • amplifying in the avalanche the chances of the Planet avoiding a Third World War;
  • intensifying the process by which Romania could fulfill the spiritual mission of the Romanian people – the spiritual rebirth of the planet starting from the “garden of the Mother of God” that is Romania;
  • the spiritual awakening of the Romanian people (or of the people chosen by the practitioner) and of the planet in this age of maximum spiritual decay;
  • elevation of the frequency of auric vibration in the Romanian space and on the planet;
  • protection, refinement and elevation of the practitioner’s being;
  • gaining significant spiritual merit and burning individual karma
  • the acceleration of spiritual evolution and the increase of the efficiency of any beneficial technique which we wish to apply after participation in this planetary action;
  • significant coincidences in everyday life and natural integration into the Universal Order;
  • the amplification of the power to love with detachment;
  • THE EFFECTIVE GIFT CAN BE, IN OUR OPINION, FOR THE CONSISTENT ONE, A WONDERFUL METHOD THAT CAN OFFER THE RESULTS OF A COMPLETE SPIRITUAL PATH.*It can be applied by anyone, regardless of their native country that they want to support, according to the principle of “Unity in Diversity”.

Description of the meditative method “The effective gift

HERE Audio Leo Radutz – Stages The Gift Of Efficiency

*Practiced for the first time in the world in the Abheda Yoga community.

First we describe the stages as a whole:

  1. Consciousness
  2. Invocation of benevolent beings
  3. Personal action
    a) the impregnation of our being by mentalization with bright white light and the imagining of our aura as a cylinder that encompasses the country and then the planet (minimum 10 min., maximum as much as we want)
    b) the stage of uttering the meditative prayer (minimum 20 minutes, 10 min. on music, 10 minutes quietly – maximum as much as we want)
    c) gratitude or gratitude for what we have achieved.


We approach a meditation posture or in the chair.
We center in the Spiritual Heart.
We say mentally:

Full of humility I am aware that in order to live in a world of Good, first of all, I must be and realize myself (myself) the good, from all my powers, and as much as I am permitted by the perfect observance of the other beings and of the laws of the Flesh.
I am aware that many beings in this world are malevolent or under the influence of malevolent beings.

I am absolutely certain that Good is incomparably more powerful than Evil, which can only sometimes be more visible or tempting.


I now invoke full of humility the unselfish help of all beings who pursue the Good in accordance with the Universal Order and especially
the divine avatars, the pure and high angels,
the nondualist
spiritual masters,
the benevolent extraterrestrial beings who seek to help Planet Earth,
all the beings who want the manifestation of the Good.”

We become aware of the beings on Earth and those in the invisible who meditate with us.


a) the impregnation of our being through mentalization with bright white light and the imagining of our aura as a cylinder that encompasses the country and then the planet (minimum 10 min., maximum as much as we want).


  • the mentalization of our being impregnated with a bright white fluid “from the crown to the soles” and
  • Column
  • of bright white light infinite up and down that
  • intersects the soil in the form of a circle (we use the reference to the light of a fluorescent tube if necessary).

We increase the diameter of this column progressively until it reaches the size of the country and then of the beautiful Planet Earth.

*Through the daily repetition of the procedure we will find how this visualization becomes more and more concrete and easier to realize, as well as a project to which we return once and again, perfecting it to perfection.

Then we say, in our spiritual Heart, to the Country and the Planet:

“I’m sorry…

Forgive me…


I love you…!”

b) the stage of uttering the meditative

prayer (minimum 20 minutes, 10 minutes on music, 10 minutes quietly – maximum as much as we want).

Here we aim to carry out the technique while maintaining the mentalization from the previous stage. If we still can’t, we realize the stage as if it were separate from the previous one.


Success at this stage is proportional to how well we fulfill the preparatory conditions

  • the body on the chair or a meditation position, perfectly relaxed and immobile
  • breathing “titptil”, as if we wished not to make too much noise by breathing
  • the main attention in the middle of the chest, secondary in the crest

People who wish to support another country can replace “Dacia” with “Romania” or the name of any other country.


It can be done on music and we propose the following piece of music:

After utterance, two fine or sometimes very intense energetic currents appear in our body – one from the bottom up and one from the top down.

They impregnate us with a refined energy, very high and subsequently part of it leaves our body, moving in certain directions.

On a musical background or quietly, (optionally performing the continuous contraction of the anal sphincter) and being deeply centered in the Spiritual Heart we repeat this invocatione.
Although it is only a prayer, if we carry it out under the mentioned conditions we will notice very powerful effects, which are amplified from one day to the next.
Corresponding to what we feel, the contribution to the elevation of the general level of vibration also increases.

Our indication is to be realized, when we can choose, at one of the following hours, to be in syntonie with other practitioners:

  • in the morning at 6 o’clock
  • afternoon at 3 p.m.
  • in the evening at 9 p.m.

*At least once a day.


Leo Radutz

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