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The center of force (see also CHAKRA) located in the subtle plane in the cardiac plexus area; corresponds to empathetic, affective, elevated feelings, universal love and compassion.

The corresponding subtle element in his case is air (VAYU TATTVA).

ANAHATA The CHAKRA presents 12 directions (subtle channels) of vibration for subtle cosmic energies. The yogi who fully activates his ANAHATA CHAKRA becomes the channel or instrument of Divine Love and is endowed with all SATTVA-ic qualities (corresponding to ideal harmony and elevation). Also at the level of ANAHATA CHAKRA is the reflection of the Supreme Essential Self ( ATMA) in the form of the individual Soul (JIVATMA).

These secret centers of force exist objectively can be felt by any human being, regardless of whether they are on a spiritual path or not and can be partially highlighted by certain physico-chemical processes.

The exceptional aspect with great practical value is that these secret centers, whose dynamization is normally a natural given specific to each person, can be harmonized and energized, so that our feelings, qualities, abilities and aptitudes in general as well as even our physical body ;p be transformed in the direction we consciously desire. especially through yoga.

Thus, the ideal of an athlete to strengthen his physical body, of a scientist to know the limits of the universe or of an artist to find out the miracle, is exceptionally complemented and deepened by this much more complete perspective about what a human being is and how he can evolve

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