Vishuddha chakra

The center located in the subtle plane at the base of the neck, also inside the SUSHUMNA channel.

It is the center of the subtle ether element (AKASHA TATTVA).
Its physical correspondence is the laryngeal plexus.
16 NADI symbolized in the form of lotus petals emanate from this CHAKRA whose symbolic shape is the circle.

The color is indigo, the fundamental mantra that corresponds to it is (BIJA) HAM.

His symbolic animal is an elephant with six fangs and the deities with whom one can get in touch through him are SADA SHIVA and a SHAKTI of his SHAKINI.

“The intense concentration and deep meditation on the element (TATTVA) of this CHAKRA is defined in the YOGA texts under the name

The one who practices this form of meditation will not disappear or die even at the dissolution of the world (PRALAYA).
He obtains the intuitive, perfect knowledge of the four VECs, thanks to the persevering meditation on this lotus.
He has the knowledge of the past, present and future and acquires control of the mysterious energies of time (TRIKALA – JNANA)”. (SIVANANDA).

These secret centers of force exist objectively can be felt by any human being, whether they are on a spiritual path or not.
They can be partially highlighted by certain physico-chemical processes.

The exceptional aspect and with a great practical value is the fact that these secret centers, whose activation is normally a natural given specific to each person, can be harmonized and energized.

Our feelings, our qualities, abilities and abilities in general, as well as even our physical body, can be transformed in the direction we want consciously, especially through yoga.

The ideal of an athlete to fortify his physical body, of a scientist to know the limits of the universe or of an artist to find out the miracle, is exceptionally completed and deepened by this much more complete perspective about what a human being is and how it can evolve.

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