Big Brother – Electronic Dictatorship (documentary)

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big-brother-dictatorship-electronicsA documentary film that tells us about the dictatorship of implantable electronic chips, originally designed for animals and now used on humans as well. A first experiment with RFID implants (radio-frequency identification device) was done by British cybernetician Kevin Warwick, who implanted a chip in his arm in 1998. In 2004, Conrad Chase began offering implantable chips to VIP customers in his nightclubs in Barcelona and Rotterdam, who used them to pay at the bar.

In 2004, Mexico’s Prosecutor General’s Office implanted 18 employees with Verichip chips to control access to secret data rooms. Security experts have issued warnings against the use of RFID chips to identify people because of the high risk of identity theft. For example, during an assault on the street, the identity of a person can be stolen very easily due to the physical proximity to the chip. The design of the implantable chip makes it impossible to prevent such attacks.

Defenders of the right to privacy protested against implantable RFID chips, warning of potential abuses and denouncing these types of devices as “spy chips”, their use by governments leading to the loss of more and more civil liberties and the increase in the number of abuses.

According to U.S. medical authorities, implanting an RFID chip has side effects. Electric shocks, MRI incompatibility, side effects in tissues and displacement of the microchip in the body are just some of the risks associated with RFID chip implants, according to a study from October 2004.



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