We can change the world… YES! IT’S REALLY A BIG NEED!

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change-the-worldCan we change the world?


Of course, this is not about changing the world according to our egotistical desires.
It’s about doing THE GOOD that… it changes the World.

In fact, the world begins to change for the better from the first moment we ourselves change for the better.
And, of course, it begins to change for the worse from the first moment we refuse our transformation to perfection.

We can NEVER calculate the impact that our own transformation has had, has or may have in the future.


There is a film in which killing a butterfly from the past makes that in the future from which time travel comes, they no longer exist. Or another in which an angel shows a man how different — for the worse — the world would have been if he had not existed.

DO NOT rush to say that your presence in this world is not a big deal. You might have a very big surprise.

fairy flutteringThe impact of your existence can be major… or not, but certainly, he is major when you transform yourself spiritually, when the skills you develop allow you to help others more deeply.
And, of course, when, then, YOU ACT.

To act without delay, to be active is essential and very necessary.

What we do know is that – YES – changing the world is a challenge but also a wonderful goal for this life and even for all our future lives.

How? How can we change the world?
Helping others – if they want to. Only and only if they want to.

But can we?
Yes, if we primarily transform ourselves.

But are we allowed by the Divine Order?
Yes, if we respect the laws of the flesh and first of all Nonviolence and the Law of Love.

Is it an option or is it a necessity?

This turns out to be, in the end, a necessity of every being. It is the Great Way.

Are there any limits to this vision of transforming ourselves and helping others?
Well, of course there are limits – anyway, it doesn’t require more than you can give. And for what you can not – you surrender yourself to the Divine Will or Order.
Because then it’s His turn to act. Or not to act, as is his Will.

The fundamental goal is not personal perfection and liberation, but the perfection and liberation of all beings in the Universe.

Sure, that’s what we start with ourselves for first.

Our perfection is necessary to be able to help and release others, so, being an important tool, we develop it and improve it as best we can.

Thus we can become like water lilies of the world in which we live — water lilies that can be pure and immaculate living in the midst of life, “being in the world but not being of the world“.

Yes, it’s true, water lily can be beautiful and immaculate in any swamp it lives, but it would be a mistake to think that to be “water lilies” you need a swamp. It would be an awkward and terrible hoax to legitimize the existence of evil in order for the good to exist.

Good can exist very well without evil, while evil is but an absence of good, good that we seek to make “multiply” in the world.

Therefore, we wish you to be able to be as active as possible in doing good
and do not believe those who tell you that you cannot change the world.

They are either ignorant or they want to fool you.

In fact, the world changes all the time and through us and even more so if we understand to actively participate in the liberation and perfection of the beings in the Universe, using in this, first, our own liberation and perfection.

Leo Radutz, founder of the Abheda system, initiator of the Good OM Revolution

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