Birthdays are overpriced

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What does the birthday mean?

What would be good to do on this occasion?

In my opinion, the birthday is overpriced and people unduly expect this day to be a special one, in which the Universe will show its love and gratitude to them, through their peers.

And if this is not the case, many people become anxious or depressed, considering that life does not make enough sense if something special does not happen on their birthday either.

This sometimes occurs in an excessive, even, savage way in people who have adopted the luciferian perspective as a philosophy of life, because for a "luciferic" the most important day is the day when his "god" was born, that is, himself.

Because in luciferianism the basic philosophy is

"I do what I want, regardless of the consequences, if I can. And I fight all my life so I can do what I want."

And this in a vain search for true pushing or happiness on the outside, fulfillment that will never come in this way.

All that will be achieved will be a continuous thirst for new and new experiences, thirst that is amplified as it is satisfied.

Something can be corrected.

If it is our day and we can live it in a special way, then we could and are duty bound to live especially all the days of life.

Without claiming anything from others, we can enter our hearts, manifesting more, if we can, humility and connection with the authentic within us.

We can achieve a spiritual retreat, advancing with the maximum of our powers towards the Self.

We can do a retrospective of our lives up to that time.

a reflection of the type "What I have done with my life and what I will do, from now on with it".

We can love more by taking the time to do so.

And yes, if our friends care a lot about it, we can give them the opportunity to love us, being closer to them.

avoiding the formality of congratulations, seeking to make them feel that we do not appreciate something of form but their love or real consideration, which we hope is real and that exists anytime, not just on our birthday.

If we have a dharma in society and it is beneficial and necessary for us to make our birthday a public event, we can do so, having as a motivation the fact that it is necessary not for us, but for our responsibilities in this life.

However, if possible, it is preferable to make a retreat, celebrating this moment in silence and solitude.

Our birthday should stand out

especially by what we do for good, not by what those outside of us do towards us

and much less to claim this in any way, in our hearts or directly to them.

We are not entitled to anything,

in fact, we owe everything to the Universe and especially we owe our dedication to getting out of ignorance, limitation and illusion.

In our existence there are many cyclicalities and evolution manifests from many points of view, a spiral manifestation, some configurations repeating but with some different parameters.

So that on the precisely calculated astrological occasion of our time of birth

(which after many years is no longer identical to the objective time at which we were born, because the calendar years are not identical to the astronomical and astrological years)

a hiatus is manifested,

we can know transcendence more easily by meditating in the period of the hiatus,

before and after

and preparing for the new annual astrological cycle with a wisdom that is also based on understanding and correcting our past mistakes.

Because some configurations and tests will repeat themselves, but having something different.

So meditation, recollection and reflection are necessary, beneficial and are a wise choice.

Acharya Leonard

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Acharya Leonard
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