12 Reasons to Practice Fundamental Meditation

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12 Reasons to Practice Fundamental Meditation

To practice fundamental meditation it is necessary to learn it with the help of a person who has practiced, achieved results and also has the ability to effectively transmit the method.

1.Effective control of the mind and emotions

It is a traditional, direct and at the same time personal method - that is, it does not need an intermediary - to effectively control the mind and emotions.

2. Dissolves trauma and brings clarity

in the inner universe.

3. It brings peace and stability

perfect interior - shunyata in Sanskrit and isihia in Greek.

4. Awakens the soul

Fundamental meditation also makes us inspired, creative, adaptable and wise.

5. Bring to the surface our hidden potential

and it helps us to be kind and strong, if we wish.

6. Provides solutions for human competition with artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence replaces people's jobs if they do not contain creativity, inspiration, wisdom.

7. Amplification of mental capacities

Fundamental meditation gives us the ability to process and filter enormous amounts of information.

8. Renunciation of vices

It is the direct way by which we acquire the ability to let go of vices, harmful habits and human limits.

9. It makes us free, alive and happy

Fundamental meditation gives us direct access to inner and outer spirituality .

10. Intelligence and emotional intelligence

Increases the iq of intelligence and that of emotional intelligence.

11. Provides an indoor support

existence and a spontaneous intuition of justice, of what is moral and ethical.

12. Increase performance

artistic, sports, creative, spontaneity and modesty.


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