Do we really have free will?

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People have free will but most can’t use it

Fiindcă o parte din viitorul lor este prefigurat de acțiunile lor anterioare

This is where what is predictable comes in, according to the principle of “how you sit down, this is how you sleep” (e.g. you did not learn – you do not enter college), but also the karmic influences due to our actions in this life or in previous lives.

O mare problemă reprezintă dependența liberului arbitru de nivelul de trezire spirituală

People who are not spiritually awakened do not have the opportunity to choose freely due to their submission to customs, instictual needs, inferior emotions and invisible mechanisms (for them) – of their psychism

So even if there were no foreshadowing due to previous actions, they would not choose freely because they have a mechanical mind and will perform predictable and not free mechanical actions.

Demonic beings imagine that they can do what they want regardless of the consequences and that they are truly free. The drama is that they are the most conditioned because of the karma created and their subjecting to their instincts, inferior emotions and mechanisms.

Ca sa ai liber arbitru nu e altă soluție decât să evoluezi spiritual și să te trezești din acest punct de vedere


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