Children-light- the proof of manifest divinity. Interconnections: quantum physics explained by children. "The Meditation of Babbling"

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We all know shows like "kids say crazy things"." Children, due to their unselfishness and naturalness, can offer special moments.
But this is not the most amazing phenomenon.
You may have heard of "children of light", "indigo children" or special children some of whom have DNA with three or even 4 spirals instead of two and who are more and more on the planet.
It is an amazing development of the human spiritual level and they are among us – whether they have altered DNA or they do not have it that way.

A sign that we are at the end of the age of maximum spiritual decay and the beginning of the age of spiritual truth, which seems to have already begun, from a temporal point of view,

is the fact that more and more very beautiful children are born and with many special, amazing qualities.

Children have always been perceived as beautiful and as the source of many wonderful things, but now this phenomenon is objectively very intensely present around us.

When we meet a child with spiritual qualities we have the chance to learn enormously and to transform ourselves inside, if only because we are close to him.

The psychologist Mrs. Doina Cojocariu, who is clearly a being with a special spiritual awakening, has the intuition to notice the savory presence of the special qualities present in children and often helps parents to understand their children who easily overcome them in the clarity of the perception of the true reality.

Leo Radutz - AdAnima Academic Society

an article by psychologist Doina Cojocariu

Yes, yes... you understand well: quantum physics (a scientific concept) is explained nowadays by our children, if we pay attention to their symbolic language and behavior.

What does this mean?
It means that this generation of children is much more integrated, coming up with the information from the astral and trying to help us to evolve.

As a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, with many years of experience in working with children, I realized that once the integration vectors are triggered, it will soon come to be that, terms such as: holistic, unification, resonance, synergy, etc. we will multiply and we will consciously witness a profound transformation.

For example: synchronicities!!

I witness almost every day the evidence that these children understand and help to manifest synchronicities meant to awaken us.

Coincidences? Yes, they are since the world, entering the notru language as "synchronicities" with carl Gustav Jung, in 1952.
According to the dictionary, coincidence is the random match (!) of two events or facts.

And what does psychology say?
That the intense power of a thought and the emotional state can cause an event to occur.
This fact, in Jung's time, seemed unthinkable, mystical, or, at least, out of the ordinary.

Today, it seems, quantum physics proves that we create the reality around us.

My observation is that these children, whom I call children of light , have this much more developed capacity than adults, because the unconscious evades rational analysis and leaves room for the limitless wealth of meanings and the freedom to use all the resources within us.

Synchronicities connect us to our secret dynamics, put us in contact with unsuspected or neglected aspect of our own soul or orient us to our true goals.
It seems that the Universe is consciously involved in our lives and... children have a savory and desori role, as miraculous.

"My name is Mugur and I want to be a savior" (5 years).

T: how do you mean savior?

"I want to save this land that cries.... I feel how the earth cries and needs us, because there is dirt on the ground and people no longer take care of it" (I want to confess that Mugur, at his 5 years told his mother to stop throwing the remaining oil in the pan in the sink, because the water in the ground mixes with the oil and the fish will die!!!!!)

"I am Viorel and I love light.. I play only with cables and light bulbs, because people need light"( 9 years). Viorel , this wonderful child, classified by ordinary medicine as a child with severe disabilities, is a special child with extrasensory perceptions ...

Very often, he tells his mother what will happen tomorrow.

Let me give you an example: a few days before I changed my hair color, he told his mother :" Mrs. psychologist will be done differently to hair and .. I like it as it is ".. and indeed, I painted myself then, when he came to therapy, over 3 days ... I was changed!!!

"My name is Silvia and I'm here now, to tell mommy how to love daddy" (3 years)

As a psychologist, I frequently hear phrases like the above, and sometimes trying to enter this mysterious universe of children, I have the feeling of connection to an authentic divine source.

I think, I analyze, but what I can share with you is the full joy I have around certain children. More and more parents are turning to psychologists to understand or just to correct a certain type of behavior, which it classifies it extremely easily to be a deviant behavior ( "my child has ADHD"..." my child is very independent, does not want to talk, is stubborn and makes us jump." my child doesn't conform to school and makes us laugh where he goes").

Of course, through the psychologist's perspective, one can see how certain children do not fold according to the statistical norms of a good behavior and who do not require the parent to a more thorough analysis ... but, if we have the patience and openness to accept, we can see the opposite!!

Dear parents!!!!!!

You have some wonderful kids!.

You have some special children who came to this earth with a divine purpose.

They are here to show us the way so that each of us can access the higher information that will change us and bring us closer to the divine.

They are a powerful force for love and peace.

They have sensitivity and an unbounded desire for peace, they love harmony and try to fight to maintain it. There are children who do not speak until older ages, of 3, 4 or even 5 years (children, who, although they have nothing medical, refuse to speak, according to classical methods of learning, precisely because, either they rebel and want to attract attention, or, by their silence, using symbolic speech patterns, create a bridge to the subtle world)

There are children who have a nonconformist behavior and make the valve around them just to open some channels to change, they are children who can not accept lying and feelings of hatred and then rebel in a special way ( unfortunately classified as deviant or with abnormal speech patterns )

They are communicative and extremely loving children, who constantly embrace and want the physical touch - holding hands, hugging, approaching the head to the heart of the interlocutor.

Yes!!! ... I had many children in my Office, who embraced with an indescribable love.... I felt the joy flood me.

I can share with you from an experience of years with children, that I assist in my psychological evaluation and counseling sessions at DIVINE behaviors...

Children who ask for my hand when they speak, or get up from their chair and spontaneously hug me, children who smile and speak of "positive energy, energy "plus" as another boy David called it (7 years old).

It is not at all a coincidence and there are proof of entire files in which we have written down elements of the language of these wonderful children, we have studied their affective, cognitive behavior, we have followed their evolution over time and we have noticed that I cannot include them in the "covers" of psychology treatises, nor in a scheme of what behaviorist psychology has taught us.

Children who reject coercion. Detest the interference of others in their plans. They were born with personal autonomy, they are not looking for another identity. And their physical beauty is special: elongated head, large, intelligent, inquisitive, cheerful, often malicious eyes.

I have known Cosmin for 2 years and I learned from him wonderful things: He does not believe that people die, but that he ascends to heaven, where God gives them other things to do.

About the trees he does not say that they rustle, but that they talk, sing, mourn, etc. At the floods of past years, he remarked: "That's how much rain we deserve!" Notice the assumption and co-participation, from the plural of the first person!.

Do you know how she tells her grandparents to control herself and stop being nervous? With humor!!! Cosmin told me one day that people were screaming at each other. for their hearts are no longer "of flesh" but "of stone", and they no longer hear one another (men hear with soul and heart not with ears!!!)

"Leave me alone! I have more and more children in therapy, who refuse the help of their parents, they are not malleable nor adaptable, but if we know how to listen to them, we will find incredible things in their behavior.

Children should be treated with respect, helped to create their own disciplinary solutions...

Give them choice in all situations.

Make them your partners in the process of education.

Since they are babies, talk to them, explain everything to them. They won't understand conceptually, but they feel your attitude and respect, which will be a good basis when they start talking. Many of the parents do not allow their children to dance, play freely, run and shout.

The reasons given are among the most awkward, not to get dirty, not to break something, not to disturb the neighbors, etc. But what can be more wonderful than the GAME!

Freedom of speech... the primordial state is that of joy and children manifest it naturally, spontaneously. Parents need to unshackle themselves, dance with their children, laugh, fly, be innocent. Innocence means, paradoxically, lucidity and courage. Innocence is not a quality that can be acquired, it cannot be learned.

It has been in us since we are born, but we lose it throughout life, due to mental conditioning.

Viorel, the little boy" with the light bulbs" as I call him, teaches me one day that my natural state is the smile.

He told me that "when we smile, we have the face of light and light shines"."

Ina (12 years old) loves animals very much and communicates with them through the eyes" when I look at them in the eyes I feel kindness, love and I feel good and I like it"

What have I been looking for here to share?

The fact that we have among us angels, children who are Here to help us, to teach us, to guide us.

Nothing is lost. Let's learn to listen to children, to rebuild the primordial model, to develop an educational model in which love, compassion, trust, respect will prevail, to help children to be THEMSELVES... and to give up teaching them to "become Someone"...

THEY ARE ALREADY SOMEONE, they are perfect, they are wonderful, from birth.

PARENTS!!!!! pay attention to your children!!! They need attention and love.... and, there will be no fear!!! Give them confidence, without FEAR!!

Children need to be helped by going with them in depth. They have to discover what their existential meaning is. They have to rediscover themselves. They don't have to be given surrogates.

The child is par excellence a seeker.

And the child of our day is the one who is looking for new ways of existence... deep, authentic horses... even if we find it incomprehensible, they TRANSMIT this .

Appealing to the primordial state of child, I recommend a clean, simple meditation, the Meditation of Bolboroselii.

This is a cathartic method that encourages expressive body movements.

Alone or in a group, close your eyes and start to mumble sounds without noima....yes, yes.. as if you have some gangs; utter any sound will pass through your mind, without worrying about its rational or conceptual significance. Just like children do...

Feel free to limp and rumble, feel what the full freedom of sound in this way everything that your body feels.throw out everything that is negative: thoughts, ideas, states of illness, everything ... The mind always thinks in conceptual terms. Meditation will help you break this pattern of verbalization( 10 minutes ).

The word babble comes from a Sufi word "jabbar" which means sound without noima. Our mind is nothing more than a continuous rumbling... By giving it up, we will find the complete silence of the spirit.

Dance, smile, move your body freely, let your child run wild (the child in each). Through this active meditation, we will be able to open our hearts to better understand the message that our children are trying to send us:

"Our dear parents, dear people: This earth needs you, your love and your light"

an article by psychologist Doina Cojocariu
August 31st, 2011

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