Children with paranormal powers – a worldwide phenomenon!

We are living an important moment in our evolution as a species; humanity is on the verge of a leap of consciousness. What does this mean? It means that we evolve, grow and transform, and now more than ever we are witnessing extraordinary transformations that take place at the level of consciousness. These aspects are particularly reflected in the growing number of children who are born with special powers, so-called “paranormal”, but which we all have in a dormant state. Since the last century, at the beginning of the ’80s, a significant number of children were noticed, who showed special abilities, especially in China, later such cases were reported in other countries, such as Russia, Mexico, the United States, the phenomenon becoming global.

On March 11, 1979, the Chinese newspaper “Sichuan Daily” made known the case of a 12-year-old boy, who had certain paranormal powers. For example, with his eyes tied, the boy named Tang Yu could see very well with his ears. Or, if he was given a folded sheet of paper, on which a text that he did not know had been written, he approached one ear and then said without mistake all that text (simple letters or even whole poems). But his capabilities didn’t stop at all. He could also, among other things, know perfectly from another room what playing cards were selected from a table without entering that room. Reporter Zhang Naiming and then several researchers applied a lot of tests to the boy and were completely amazed at the correctness of his perceptions. As a result, Tang Yu’s case was quickly popularized through newspapers all over China. But that was just the beginning.

Due to the articles spread across the country, thousands of other children who had similar paranormal powers showed up at various centers to be tested as well. Some of them could see with their ears, others with their tongue, nose, armpits, hair, hands, or feet. The multitude of cases that have been identified has acquired the proportions of a sensational phenomenon. The extraordinary paranormal powers of these children began to be publicized throughout the world.

At the end of 1984, several editors of the well-known American magazine OMNI went to China to verify the authenticity of the phenomenon. As they themselves reported, they went there convinced that everything was nothing more than a hoax of the Chinese. They were kindly greeted and allowed to conduct several experiments designed by themselves themselves, in order to avoid any possible trick like hidden cameras or something else. These experiments were also attended by reporters of a very serious scientific journal in Shanghai, Nature Magazine. In one of these experiments, which was done with about 100 children between the ages of 6 and 14, reporters would tear off a certain page (which they did not even know), from a randomly chosen book, crumple the page in their fist and ask those children what it says on the sheet. Well, those kids were able to render word for word all the text on both sides. of the page. In other experiments, children were able to see through the wall in an adjoining room or even to accurately render information from the books (which they did not know) from the library in that adjoining room. The editors of OMNI were stunned, and in January of 1985 they published an article about the events they witnessed.

Of course, the phenomenon of paranormal children in China aroused in the ’80s a huge interest all over the world, which caused other researchers to go on the spot to convince themselves. Two of them, Paul Dong and Thomas E. Raffill, published a book called China’s Super Psychics in 1997. In this book they also recounted the events they witnessed in relation to paranormal children in China, whom they called “EHF children”, that is, “Extra High Functioning”. The authors describe that they had the chance to be received in 1992 at a meeting of executives of the American oil industry, held at the Tianjin Institute of Human Body Science. American dignitaries were given the privilege of witnessing certain extrasensory phenomena to which very few Westerners had previously had access. One of the cases reported in the book is that of a six-year-old girl named Yao Zheng, who sat in front of flower buds that still had many days or maybe even weeks to bloom. After praying for a quarter of an hour, the little girl said, “Ready, now,” and all the freshmen flourished under the eyes of the onlookers. Another reported case is that of a child who managed to teleport several pills from a bottle, without opening it and even without approaching it at less than half a meter. Paul Dong and Thomas Raffill also described that they had witnessed controlled scientific experiments in which some children were able to make certain objects float in the air through the power of their minds. Others were able to move objects from and into sealed containers. There were also two children who, to the amazement of the assistance, were able to pass through a solid wall. The book of the two authors describes many other experiments that seem to be incredible facts of magic. But everything has been rigorously scientifically documented, according to multiple criteria. Let’s mention that investigations were made, which then led to the publication of some articles, also by the prestigious scientific journals Science News or Nature. The studies carried out could not explain the phenomenon, but confirmed that it is absolutely real. In any case, all the published statistics indicated that these copies appeared in increasing numbers .

After 1984 the Chinese government took the investigation of these cases very seriously. The research began to be sponsored by the government and to be carried out in special schools and centers, widespread throughout the country. By 1997, more than 100,000 children with such capabilities had been recognized and registered. After 1997, however, the Chinese government became very secretive about this kind of information and no data was reported, but various estimates show that the number of these children has registered a continuous increase.

But such children did not appear only in China. They have been flagged all over the world. Special schools and institutes have been established for their study in Mexico, in Russia, in the USA, etc. However, the results of the research are not offered to the public and that is why quite a few people have heard anything about such centers. One of those who unofficially popularized this information is Drunvalo Melchisedek, a well-known researcher and writer, who has worked among others at the Berkeley or Monroe Parapsychological Research Institutes in the USA. Here is an excerpt from a conference of his on the subject:

Even if the phenomenon as a whole is little publicized, isolated cases of such children have made a sensation, sporadically, on news broadcasts around the world. In Romania, too, we sometimes find out on TV that children with paranormal powers appear. In 2010, for example, the case of a 10-year-old boy from a village in Maramures was made known, who only with the power of his mind could move quite large objects (such as the TV), could break any glass object or could make it rain in the house. But the news presented the whole thing as an oddity.

One of the clear indications that something is changing in the new generations of children is the statistical graph of the intelligence quotient (IQ). It has been found that worldwide the IQ of new generations is constantly higher and higher. Every 10 years the IQ increases by about 4.5 to 5 points. The younger generations learn much faster than people taught 50 years ago and assimilate a lot of information with great ease. Some researchers state on the basis of their studies that it can be said that the generations that were born on Earth after 1965 actually have a different brain structure than the generations before them. More jokingly, more seriously, many psychologists believe that if evolution continues at this rate, in 50 years’ time the Earth will be inhabited by people completely different from those with whom we are now accustomed.

In order to highlight this change that has begun to be noticed in the general level of consciousness of humanity, it is significant to note a study conducted by the British Encyclopedia. This study revealed that the entire volume of knowledge (measured in bits of information) of mankind accumulated in the last 6000 years, has doubled in just 50 years! More precisely, the volume of information that was known from the Sumer civilization (which existed about 4000 BC) and until 1900, doubled between 1900 and 1950. Moreover, in the next 20 years this volume of knowledge tripled, and the same amount of data was again acquired by mankind in just the 10 years that followed, from 1970 to 1980. Currently , the pace of equalling the 6000 years of progress mentioned above is growing faster and faster, being now estimated at about a single month!

As an eloquent example, let us remember that 50 years ago a computer was a large machine the size of a camera, and in order to store a quantity of data that would fit today on a 700 MB CD, bulky magnetic cylindrical memories were used. Now already ordinary CDs are less and less used because the data stored on hundreds of CDs can be recorded on a trivial stick. It can be calculated that in 50 years the data storage capacity has increased 1 billion times!

But this acceleration occurs in almost all areas of life! Transposing a wide series of data into a graphical expression, an exponential upward curve was obtained, in which the logarithmic diagram that transpires from the dynamics of almost all areas of human life shows that change itself is accelerating. This reality can be assimilated with a genuine leap that comes from the quantitative accumulation and which leads to a new qualitative stage of the human consciousness.

The fact that the new generations of children manifest on the whole unusual qualities compared to the previous ones has been found worldwide for several decades. Studies about generations of so-called indigo children, crystal copies or rainbow children are already well known. There are already quite a few very serious studies published that show that new generations of children obviously have an intellectual, psychic and even spiritual level higher and higher. An enlightening example of such a study is the one published in 1999 by researchers Lee Carol and Jan Tober, in the book Indigo Children. Statistical data shows that this type of babies began to be born in large numbers throughout the planet after 1965. Indigo children were clearly smarter and more creative than children born in previous generations. They were distinguished, for example, by the great speed with which they were able to assimilate concepts from all fields.

The so-called “crystal” children were born especially after 1980. These children are very creative in the fields of art, are inclined to introspection and have a strong desire to help humanity. They can empathetically feel feelings or telepathically perceive thoughts, heal by laying on hands, know ahead of time future events, feel and communicate with those who have passed into the “underworld” or with angels. They sometimes have out-of-body experiences (OBE), they feel that they do not belong to this place and that they have come to Earth with a mission to help humanity.

Some of these children start talking much later than ordinary children, but the real reason is that they simply do not need to speak because they spontaneously tend to communicate telepathically. The phenomenon has now escaped the attention of the media because it has come to be considered too “strange”. The official conception cannot accept these things on a large scale for the time being because it is dominated by the psychological paradigm that holds that humanity is a static, unchanged model. However, the phenomenon is growing and more and more reports continue to surface.

An interesting series of studies was coordinated by Dr. Ilchi Lee, founder of the Dahnhak & Brain Respiration Institute in Korea. He conducted experiments first in Korea and then in America, in which he revealed that an impressive percentage of children can easily awaken paranormal abilities if they are trained in this. His experiments were conducted on batches of children between the ages of 3 and 14. By using certain breathing and concentration techniques, these children were able to perceive external stimuli through the skin. For example, they were able to see the colors and read the letters with their eyes closed. During a demonstration, a 13-year-old girl surprised the audience by reading accurately, with her eyes tied, a text written by researchers. It was found that 25% of the children were able to identify colors without seeing with physical eyes, and 33% of the children managed to bend metal spoons using the power of the mind. These phenomena have been researched at The Institute of Brain Science in Korea, Irvine University in California, or Cornell Medical University in New York.

Studies have indicated that when children manifest these capacities considered paranormal, their brain waves are located in the fields of alpha and theta. Unfortunately, the information available on this subject is not only very difficult to find, but most often it can be found that it is particularly controversial, going so far that some “experts” claim that none of this is supported by ‘scientific evidence’.

Indigo_2Unfortunately, these children were often diagnosed with mental disorders and were given medications that “normalized” them causing them to gradually lose those capabilities. In this contex it is worth asking ourselves some significant questions. Why have children’s diagnoses of ADD (Atention Deficit Disorder), ADHD (Warning Deficit Hyperactive Disorder), Autism and others spread so much nowadays nowadays? Why is the air now so contaminated with chemtrails? Is it possible that the fluoridation of water in state systems is intentionally intended to calcify (block) the pineal gland? Is it true that the genetically modified food that is currently increasingly aggressively imposed by laws (such as the Codex Alimentarius) is precisely intended to deprive us of certain essential nutrients? Why have these laws emerged that make it mandatory for all children under 5 years of age to be vaccinated, sometimes even immediately after birth, given that so many voices are protesting against the devastating effects of vaccines, which have already been (unofficially) demonstrated?

More and more people are realizing that the most plausible answer to these questions is that certain governmental structures acting worldwide perceive these indigo children as a threat. More and more people today understand that almost all the political, economic and media levers worldwide are controlled by certain trans-national structures that have been following step by step, for a long time, certain secret plans to subjugate the world’s population. It is about the plans for world forced dominance of the so-called Shadow Government, which is behind the administration in most countries. These plans are now becoming increasingly transparent, being debunked by countless explosive information circulating mainly on the Internet. It is now becoming apparent that these governmental “elites” would no longer be able to maintain control in society under this massive influx of indigo children who come to our planet every day. So their crazy plan is to try to limit the capabilities of these new people through overpriced diagnoses, medication, vaccines, chemtrails, fluoridated water or genetically modified organisms. Because if these paranormal children become adults in numbers of tens or hundreds of millions, then no one and nothing can stop them from doing on this planet everything they set out to do.

In the opinion of several researchers, an essential criterion that highlights these extraordinary transformations that have begun to be observed in new generations is that of changes in the human genetic code (DNA). It is found that these children were born with a much more advanced genetic potential than that of ordinary people. Certain studies show that the DNA of these children we call “paranormals” begins to present no longer just two turns, but three or even four.

However, information on this subject is extremely restricted to public access. It seems that very advanced research of this nature has been framed in the so-called U.S.A.P. (Unacknowledged Secret Access Project). That is, in translation, Ultrasecret Operation completely closed to official recognition. In short, it’s about those Black Projects that the “Elite” of the world secretly carries out. The stakes of this research related to Black Projects are much higher than they might seem at first glance. It is not the case that we are naïve and believe that those who run governments can’t wait to inform us what wonderful discoveries science has made before. The secret organizations that rule humanity seek to use absolutely any essential lever just for their advantage, to consolidate their power.

From this perspective it is no longer surprising that those who have the courage to say more than the world occult allows them, are immediately discredited and seek their elimination from the public space. An eloquent example of this is the case of Dr. Berrenda Fox, a former wellness center researcher in Avalon, California. In 2005, Berrenda Fox agreed to give an interview about the new and revolutionary discoveries she had made in the field of genetic transformations that began to take place in the entire population of the planet.

Shortly after giving this interview, Dr. Berrenda Fox was arrested and even imprisoned for a so-called fraud she had allegedly done in the investigations about which she had just given that interview. Her case caused a great deal of agitation in the American Medical Association, which put her name on the “blacklist”, and the press attacked her case very aggressively. Even this overreaction alone for so-called fraud undoubtedly shows that something is wrong here and that an important point has been reached.

Here is an excerpt from the 2005 interview given by Dr. Fox. “DNA Indigo world. each of us has a double helix (spiral). But researchers are now finding that we are growing other spirals, with a total of human DNA being made up of 12 spirals. Corroborating with the speed of change, it can be appreciated that in a period of several decades, all people will have the new DNA (with 12 spirals). It is an absolutely scientific conclusion, based on analysis and evidence. It is clear that mutations are taking place in the human body, but we do not know where we are going, what forms and what capabilities we will have in the fairly near future. We really have no idea what the end result will be. These surprising changes are not made public because of the fear that there would be a strong reaction of fear on the part of the people. With or without these restrictions, the human cell changes and we have no other possibility but to observe the phenomenon. I personally discovered in three children that their DNA consisted of three DNA propellers. These are children who, through concentration, can set in motion some objects, without touching them physically. Or they can fill an empty glass with water, just by looking at it carefully. They also have telepathic communication features. I know that these attributes alone and would be enough to consider them superhuman. I believe, however, that they are the first specimens of people in the very near future, in no more than a few decades.”

The impact of publishing this interview on the internet was huge. He was picked up and commented on at length. But, as expected, people’s curiosity to find out more could only be stopped by saying that it was all a lie. The public image of Dr. Berrenda Fox has been compromised and brought to an embarrassing lack of credibility. But the truth is beginning to come out step by step.

A first officially recognized case by the child that had presence in his three-spiral DNA cells was publicized in 2011. It’s about Alfie Clamp, from the UK. An article announcing this discovery in the British press can be found here:

Although the meanings of this case were also very controversial, focusing more on the idea of a genetic abnormality, it is still worth noting that the information of the three-spiral DNA reached the public space.

Recently, during 2013, another extraordinary discovery was made confirming the claims of Dr. Berrenda Fox. This discovery has also been officially recognized through media outlets. It was made by researchers at Cambridge University. They said they had highlighted for the first time the existence of sequences of the human genetic code (DNA) that present not two spirals, as it is generally known, but four or even more spirals! The research was published in the journal Nature Chemistry: The news was also presented on the BBC website:

adn-with-four-stranded-structureThe accompanying image shows comparatively a theoretical representation of DNA with four spirals (left) and the photo of human cells in which areas containing dna with four turns (right) have been identified. On the right side, areas with quadruple DNA were marked with a fluorescent substance. Although how these components appear with four strands of DNA has been qualified by official medical propaganda as an indicator of cancer in the person, the essential observation is that it has been highlighted with solid evidence that human DNA can have four turns. It is worth mentioning that there had previously been other reports of researchers who had highlighted DNA with several spires in children, but they had not been taken into account, being labeled as theories without practical basis.

Several researchers estimate that human DNA is about to be reprogrammed and that 10 more DNA chains will be activated by rearranging and activating certain currently unused genes. Science so far has considered that DNA has in its structure in addition to the two active components, and several genes that seemed useless, so-called “filler” or “ballast eyelashes”. It seems, however, that in fact this was so far only a genetic material that remained in a potential state, not yet activated, and that now the moment of its full activation is approaching. This activation is achieved precisely due to the multiple cosmic and energetic transformations in which the planet Earth is currently integrated. There are very serious scientific studies that have convergently highlighted these transformations of the planetary energy ambience. The results of the research carried out by Mike Lockwood, Aleksei N. Dimitriev, Michael Mandeville, Barbara Hand Clow or Gregg Braden can be consulted in this regard. The energetic and informational support of the changes of the planetary ambience is mediated in the case of humans exactly by our genetic code, DNA.

State-of-the-art findings have revealed that DNA is an interface with an invisible energy field that is not electromagnetic in nature, but that can control electromagnetic energy. In other words, DNA has a very fine receptor role, as an antenna for these very high energies that come to us and which are also very elevated in frequency of vibration. The frequencies of the human genome and DNA are very high, and that’s why DNA is sometimes considered to be a kind of condensed light structure. As a result of the dna’s emerging exit from the state of potentiality, it can be said that the overall effect of this collective activation will be a leap in the evolution of humanity!

Beyond observing the elevation of the global level of consciousness, it is important to understand more precisely how these transformations are reflected at the level of collective human consciousness and, above all, what would be the ways in which they can accelerate.


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