The yoga of goodness is a fascinating practice in which man understands that being able to achieve the good and also having the opportunity for it is a privileged situation that it is good to make the best use of.

This is the principle and doing good is a dharma, a wonderful duty that gives an authentic, sublime and noble meaning to our existence.

For this, several skills are needed to manifest, the most important of which is detachment in action.

This detachment cannot be replaced by any invocation and by any subtle or real protection and is necessary for anyone, regardless of their preferences in terms of practice, whether he is a yogi, atheist, atheist, Mohammedan, etc.

This fascinating area called karma yoga has to do with the bright violin of mankind and what follows in the life of every man after leaving the physical coffer – existence in the subtle universes.

ABHEDA Yoga is the one that clarifies and brings this method within the reach of the Authentic Seeker in a coherent and at the same time accessible form.

We wish you success in Doing Good!

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