How to relate harmoniously to the cells of our body!

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Cells“According to Initiatory science, a cell is a living creature, a little intelligent soul that knows how to breathe, feed, produce secretions, projections … Watch how the cells of the stomach, brain, heart, liver, sexual organs work: they are really specialized. The whole of all these creatures, the sum of their activities, has to do with our intelligence. Our intelligence is also based on the intelligence of all these little cells: we depend on them and they depend on us, we form a unit. In the physical plane, we can not do anything without the consent of our cells, the day when they will stop working, the functioning of the organism is disturbed: nutrition, elimination, breathing …

Man is the synthesis of all the intelligences that are there, placed in him. That is why he must get the habit of visiting his cells, to speak to this people who are there, who are listening to him and who are waiting, is at his disposal but whom he has neglected, abandoned and almost mocks. The one who smokes, for example, or who drinks without measure, disturbs these beautiful souls who live in his lungs or in his heart, and they cry, begs him to stop, but they continue to violence them, until provoking a disease.

You must therefore show yourself very carefully and full of love for your own people; at that moment when something is wrong, it prevents you by certain signs to which you need to take precautions, thus avoiding many inconsistencies. Otherwise, no one prevents you, and at the last minute, when there is nothing left to fix, you wonder how it is that you have not received any warning signal. But if you know how to lead yourself in relation to your cells, they will warn you of the smallest things, because they love you.

The thoughts and beautiful words you send to each organ and member of you produce beneficial changes. If every day, for a few minutes, you get used to thinking about your cells and talking to them, you will be able to improve your health.

Do this exercise for example: place your hand on the solar plexus, and in this position ask your cells: ask them to fix everything that does not work in you, but also thank them for their good work. They will understand you because the solar plexus directs all the unconscious processes of the body: secretion, growth, circulation, digestion, elimination, breathing… You will thus be able to speak to your cells, to be understood by them, and this all the more so as your faith and the power of your thought will be greater.”

{Master Omram Michael Aivanhov}

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