The structure of our being – our bodies

The structure of our being – our bodies

Our body is not only the physical one, known and studied by official medicine.

He is, for anyone, whether he is a yogi or not, much more complex, being an ensemble of three bodies:

  • physical

    stuhla sharira

  • subtle or astral – linga sharira.

  • and causal –

    karana sharira.

These sharira or bodies that can be grouped into five shells, because this astral body has three subdivisions.

All this is called maya kosha or illusory shells,
because they are subject to impermanence
and because they are NOT the seat of consciousness.

These are:

  • Annamaya kosha – physical shell, equivalent to Stula Sharira
  • Pranamaya kosha – the pranic, bioenergetic coating, gives sensations – is part of Linga Sharira – the subtle or astral body
  • Manomaya kosha – the mental shell, contains thoughts or thought forms – is part of the Linga Sharira subtle or astral body
  • Vijnanamaya kosha – the supermental or inteligent shell – contains the connections and correlations no matter how complex between the thought forms – is part of Linga Sharira – the subtle or astral body
  • Anandamaya kosha – the shell of happiness, which contains meanings, symbols, principles, ideas, emotions – the equivalent of Karana Sharira – the causal body.
In these shells or bodies “dwells” our living being, ourselves,

which we perceive first limited , in the form of the living soul or JIVATMA (still limited), or

unlimited and essential in the form of the Essential, Unlimited, and Immortal Supreme Self

which in yoga is called ATMAN.

The Sanskrit names are not essential but the meanings of these essences of our being.

The subtle anatomy of the pranic or bioenergetic shell is much more important and complex than the medical anatomy of the physical body many of the causes of diseases can be found at this level.

It is very strange that in the faculty of medicine

the bioenergetic body is not also studied, taking into account the fact that it is highlighted by current science.

We see here that almost everything we usually consider to be us,

it is, in fact, externally new,

because we are the soul or the Self

and thoughts, emotions, feelings, intelligence, sensations, perceptions, organs and body segments

it’s not us.

The self is the source of any feeling or satisfaction.

That is, even in the situation when we enjoy starting from something external

– when

we look at a flower

for example –

joy or satisfaction comes from us, not from the flower.

We could, through meditation, have the same joy or even greater

and let’s rejoice but no longer depend on the flower at all.

Leo Radutz,

founder of the Abheda system,

the initiator of the Good OM Revolution

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