I'm a family man. How to deal with time ?

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"I am with a very dear being, and even we have children. We've got work to do."

What's the job?
"We have a job with love.

We love each other.

We love our children.

We love in general.

When else should we do yoga?"


In fact, it can be a spiritual "springboard" for some, while for others it can be a cause of fall.

In general, a parent should be a wiser man,

a man accustomed to solving sometimes heavy, insurmountable problems,

in the name of love and propelled by love.

We could already say that, this man, whether he knows or does not know,

Practice Abheda - spirituality in the middle of life.

The very investiture of a parent gives him an inner nobility and a connection, more intense or weaker, with God.
What form of yoga to learn to develop?

Abheda contains many methods of achieving spirituality in the midst of life.

Because of this, because this is the very theme, for a person integrated into this form of love such as family, couple and perhaps an important dharma, an important responsibility in his job, Abheda makes sense:

it helps him, it gives him tools that allow him to transform the so-called ordinary time into a spiritual time.

Moreover, it can turn what is evil, harmful, or so-called poison into spiritual gold.

But this requires constant spiritual firmness.

It's not possible to always feel good,

but always have "that holy something" in you that avoids spiritual fall

and who manifest the determination not to abdicate not to do good,

it manifests the determination not to allow you little soul.

Sometimes a single small amount is enough in an important issue
and the alchemical process of turning poison into nectar
to disappear and to choose only with the poison.

"I'm a family man. I don't have time for yoga"

Do I really have time?

The man who practices Abheda has more time, paradoxically, because

its inner yield changes

and because his life will have a different content,

in an occult way, incomprehensible at first glance.
Then, thanks to the methods of spirituality in the middle of life almost any content of life, can be spiritualized or transformed into a spiritual springboard.

But the question remains:

how do I do?

Because there are many courses and many activities.
Abheda directs man to the universal perspective of doing good.
And the greatest help is spiritual help, to do good in a spiritual perspective.

How can a family man do that?

Simple: putting spirituality and love first in his life.

He will not be able to perform as many activities as someone who is not a family man and does not have a complex dharma, but for the one who puts himself in his heart (not necessarily in the outer actions) spirituality first,

yoga is more effective.

Differences between ABHEDA YOGA and sports -2-

Ingenious use of time.

There are many tools by which our time can be saved

and through which we can capitalize on a special occasion in a special way.
We can use the online connection,

we can read,

we can meditate wherever we are.
We can be launched and oriented towards doing good in a very high way.

acting wisely and using

as is possible, the occasions and sometimes creating the opportunities.

And this, without contradicting love !
Because it is not acceptable that in the name of love we ignore or destroy another love.

We pursue our dharma (i.e. responsibilities), we take care of it,

but we are constantly leaning on the railing represented by the love of the infinite.


So how do we do it?

1) We apply Abheda's methods of spirituality in the midst of life.

2) We put spirituality first in our hearts.

3) We do not allow ourselves to be a little soul and we strictly resepct spiritual ethics and morals.

4. We ingeniously use spiritual opportunities and opportunities (and choose which we can participate in and which we cannot participate in).

5. We practice yoga when we can and how we can better, we read and learn constantly..

6. We practice detachment, understanding that it is not the children or the couple relationship that brings happiness (but sometimes they can be a strong contribution) but are only a transitory aspect.

7. We love with all our might!


And that's how we manage to do a great job!

Leo Radutz (yogacharya) founder of the Abheda system, the initiator of the Good OM Revolution



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