Love or spirituality?

Love of man or spirituality?

How to cope with my desire to participate in so many interesting courses and activities that are at the Abheda Yoga Academy

and the fact that I have other beautiful things in my life and other duties that I love and that I appreciate and value?
Simple: I go or participate only in the ones that deserve it.
And to the others I “sigh” and fulfill the dharma of love as necessary, or I seek to recover by various means that are now at hand, in a wise way.

The love of spirituality is more important than the love of man.

However, our deeds may seem from the outside to take place, giving precedence to the love of man over the love of what we seek in the infinite of our hearts.
And that’s because when it comes to a time that we owe to others, we can’t freely dispose of it.

We cannot give up our love for our loved ones in the name of spirituality when they really need us.

But the spiritual quest travels with us everywhere.

This dichotomy might look different when our loved ones don’t really need us very much.
Perhaps it is only an aspect related to a comfort, which we can assess at the moment that it is not necessarily necessary. Just like that.
Otherwise, the legend of the poor Jew who could not fulfill his morning practice (some prayers) remains valid, because he must necessarily finish repairing the shoes for his villagers who had to go to work, using those unique shoes in their lives.


Leo Radutz (yogacharya), founder of the Abheda system, initiator of the Good OM Revolution

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