The Great Divine Power of Time, Authenticity and Transformation – KALI


“To be yourself means … to be Kali.”

In India, for many people, Kali worship is a religion and relates in a dualistic way as a facet of the one Supreme Goddess – omnipotent, support of the Universe and which can fulfill any desire.

For the nondualist yogic perspective Abheda – Kali is a facet of the miracle within us, ofhuman power that tends to infinity when we strive for the essential Self. In our opinion, this infinite of us was also referred to by Jesus when he said “The kingdom of God is in you”.

So, for us, Kali is an inner chance, a nectar of life that deserves to be awakened and even adored in a nondual way because it is a facet of the infinite within us.

It is a manifestation of the fundamental tantric principle

“For him who is pure, everything is pure”.

The great divine power Kali is one of the facets of the Eternal Feminine, of the Supreme Shakti or Mahashakti who

– manifests at the same time transcendence and immanence (that is why it is often presented as a counterpart of Shiva and having the black body); black symbolizes here transcendence and not impurity;

– is the Great Goddess of time and inner transformation, being adored especially by those yogis who want a rapid spiritual evolution. She supports with a gentleness and exceptional strength and generosity those who sincerely desire transformation, NO MATTER WHAT LEVEL OF EVOLUTION IT ISAT;

it is a form of real freedom, which appears due to spiritual knowledge and inner realization, due to the authentic detachment that occurs when we live this state combined with a miraculous state of transcendence and immanence at the same time (it is beautiful and exceptionally vital and attractive but uncovered by clothes, complete and directly exposed) and due to the control of the lower tendencies of the ego; those who practice nudism feel this freedom, knowing that nudism does not refer to something erotic but to a form of inner freedom.

it is the absolute Truth, accessible only to the prepared one, but it facilitates this truth for the sincere seeker who wants to be authentic;

in order to respond with love to Kali in our heart, it is necessary to cultivate the authentic hard, to recognize our errors, if we see them and to seek to solve the problems (not necessarily to succeed, but at least to follow)

-although it has the appearance unmediated by some illusory veil of an exceptionally beautiful, nude woman, very sensual and attractive, she is terrible for the impure one and, especially, for the malicious one, who tries to “fool” the divine order and exceptionally gentle, supportive and regenerating for the one who, although limited, sincerely aspires to overcome himself (even if limited);

she manifests a pure, very direct femininity and her adoration is preferred by the authentic tantrics, willing to go through correctly and quickly their spiritual path “narrow as the edge of a razor” ;

Kali is also the fundamental Kundalini energy,“coiled” 3 and a half times at the base of the spine, in the center of the vitality of the Muladhara Chakra,

– Kali is manifested in our body by the vital flow of breathing, and we can feel it concretely at the level of the prostate in men and at the level of the vagina, in women, especially at the G point;

– it manifests itself with power especially through vital women, strong inside and perhaps also outside,with harmonious, sensual body and exceptional spiritual aspiration.

The symbolic representation of Kali, effective, perhaps, in India, is inappropriate we say because it can provide a wrong understanding for the neophyte. It’s just a symbolic representation — that’s it, because

In reality Kali is fully manifested through women with very beautiful forms, very sensual but with firm, absolute spiritual options.


The goddess is often represented as dancing on the body of Shiva, this being nothing but the obvious illustration of the truth “Shiva without Shakti is Shava” or “corpse”, without power.. Any superficial humanist interpretation like – “Kali is triumphant over Shiva” shows, in our opinion, nothing but ignorance, because there is no opposition between Shiva and His counterpart but a perfect harmony.

She has her tongue ed out because She is the Time that devours everything.

We draw the attention of those who still believe that the terrible appearance of Kali and with many terrible symbols would belong to an infernal deity that we have a criterion offered by our Savior Jesus Christ himself and who states the following thing: “The tree is known by fruit and man by deeds”.

So, if you want to benefit from the grace of the Goddess and study her ways, at first evaluate what the Great Divine Power Kali offers and demands from the neophyte and you will see that all that is required and all that is offered is from the domain of all that is more spiritual and pure.

That is, despite the terrible appearance, Kali demands and delivers the most direct, clear and pure spiritual attitudes and achievements. It is impossible to confuse Kali with a hellish being because infernal beings do not have such aspirations but have ego values, even if refined at times, but values of the ego, while Kali promotes and offers the purest inner realizations based on the transcendence of the ego.


It is a symbol of all the surrounding nature, strong, pure and regenerating, but relentless at times, manifesting, even then, a wonderful quality that deserves a total abandonment and perfect trust, because “all the evil (apparently) of that time is certainly for the better”.

Kali is adored by Hindus in India, but especially by southern India, Bengal, and Assam, but also indirectly in all Shivaite communities.

Leo Radutz
December 2015

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