In Sweden, several schools have completely dropped out of banks and classrooms

In Vittra schools, in Sweden, which are currently 30 in number, a new educational model is being experimented with. Thus, in these schools, the idea of classes and banks was completely abandoned, organizing the interiors in an unconventional way meant to stimulate the curiosity and creativity of his students.

Basically in these schools, one can learn anywhere, and students are incentivized to do so. Each student has a laptop, being encouraged to study in groups where students are at the same level, regardless of age.

classes3According to Bussines Insider, which shows images of a school just opened in Stockholm, children are incentivized to study in open spaces while sitting lingering or eating.

Furniture and interior elements are designed to encourage discussions between children while they are working on various projects.

But there are also spaces where students can study alone, but having the possibility to ask others for help, if necessary. Teachers feel freer in this new and flexible environment, and encourage their students to cooperate with each other. Practically everyone feels much closer and there is a sense of support and understanding as in a big family.

Enrolment in Vitarra schools is free of charge, as long as one of the parents is a tax payer in Sweden.



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