How much happiness can a smile bring you?

smile-4601In case you did not know, the smile has many benefits:

The simple fact of thinking about things that make you smile, such as – the people in your life who love you , funny moments, playing with pet animes, watching comedic movies – helps you feel better on the spot. In addition, it reduces stress and releases healthy neurochemicals, such as dopamine and natural opioids (such as endorphins).

• Researchers have found that smiling facial movements — independent of what a person actually feels inside it — allow the person to evaluate the world more positively.

The smile and good feelings encourage the promotion of approach behaviors , a more fanciful term for paying more attention to the opportunities around you, helps us to follow our dreams with more confidence, and to encourage others to fulfill them.

• Through what is called emotional contagion, when you smile, feel and act better, which influences others to feel and act better, in turn. Then these beautiful positive cycles begin to unfold through a group, such as a family, or a team at work, or simply a group of friends, in which your smile makes others smile and be more positive, behaving like a snowball that grows larger as it rolls over and becomes a even bigger smile for you!

When you smile in an authentic way, without being false in any way, this fact tells people that you do not represent a threat to them, which induces a feeling of calm and safety, and thus, causes others to behave more openly towards you.
SmilesThis certainly doesn’t mean having a smiling face if someone suffers from depression, pain, fear, or anger. Then the smile would be fake, and that person would feel, probably awful. But, when you feel neutral or have a normal, smiling experience, you can naturally lift your mood and that can help you act more effectively .

So, in your mind or on paper, make a list of things that make you smile. Watch it several times a day to bring this list to your mind… and a big smile on your face 🙂

Then observe the results, in the way you feel inside, and in the way they react to you, the others. Enjoy these beautiful and pleasant feelings!

Smiling a few times a day doesn’t seem like much, but it will send waves of wonderful sensations through your brain, body, mind, and to those with whom you come in contact.

The power of a smile matters, and you can convince yourself of it by smiling as often as possible!!!

source: Hardwiring Happiness ~ Rick Hanson , Ph.D

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