It turns out that all drugs are manufactured to reduce the population!

EllisonShane Ellison is a renowned American chemist with a master’s degree in organic chemistry and who has twice received the scholarship of the prestigious Howard Huges Medical Institute for his research studies in biochemistry and psychology. In the interview presented in the video below, Shane lays out his ideas about his research in the pharmaceutical industry, in the marketing of psychiatric drugs and the fact that this industry is intended not to cure anyone!

“I’m a chemist. I love the scientific approach. When I worked in the pharmaceutical industry – that’s where I collided with the complete rejection of science. In these pharmaceutical companies , in job interviews did not hesitate to say the following:

-Keep in mind that we develop medications to remove symptoms. We don’t treat.

So it’s a business model that allows people to give people medicines all their lives. What to do when the symptoms end? The next level of advertising of drugs – to invent diseases.” says Shane Ellison.

If there are no symptoms, then the clientele for sales ends, and it remains only to invent other diseases. With psychiatric preparations you can invent endless diseases. There are two words that a psychiatrist fears. Two words: Prove it.

And if the doctor can not prove, and he can not prove in nine cases out of ten, do not administer the drug. This gives the patient the power to make a decision. Being a chemist, I was surprised – drugs with the ability to kill are manufactured, this is detected in all laboratories, the drugs are dangerous, ineffective, causing the same effects for which they are designed. How do pharmaceutical companies manage to sell them? How do I sell them?

Pharmaceutical companies have marketing departments, pharmaceutical giants have the best marketing departments in the world. Simply brilliant. You just have to pay the professionals – doctors, scientists, psychiatrists – for reports that indicate that the study had positive results. You pay them, you buy the science.

At least 125 thousand people every year die from drugs prescribed by doctors, one would think that more money should be spent on research, in order to reduce the mortality rate. Not. Pharmaceutical companies continue to develop marketing. Advertising, advertising, advertising. To hypnotize people.

You hypnotize them and accustom them to medication, you direct them to psychiatrists, so that people quietly swallow
or anything else they will offer, regardless of the name of the preparation. You’re going to get a billion-dollar industry that makes a lot of people sick and thrives on it.

These are briefly the ideas from the interview with Shane Ellison presented below:



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