Boris,the child who claims to have lived on Mars!

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boriska._rsz_crpThe story of an unusual little boy from Russia named Boris caught the attention of the whole world a few years ago. Born on January 11, 1996 in the city of Volzhsky, he amazed his parents from birth. His mother, Nadezhda Kipriyanovich, a dermatologist in a state clinic, and the boy’s father, a retired officer, were surprised to find that a little boy had come to their family who was not like everyone else.

His mother tells of the boy’s coming into the world: “It all happened so quickly, I didn’t even feel any pain. When they showed me the baby, he looked at me with an adult look. As a doctor, I knew that babies couldn’t focus their eyes on objects. However, my little child looked at me with his big brown eyes.”

When she returned with him from the maternity ward, the woman began to notice very curious things in the child. The boy, whom the mother named Boris, almost never cried. The child uttered the first word when he was four months old, and began to pronounce simple words soon after. At eight months he was already speaking in phrases, and at a year and a half he had no difficulty reading the headlines in the newspapers. At the age of two he started drawing and learned how to paint six months later. When he turned two, he began to go to a local kindergarten, and the tutors immediately noticed that the boy had a brilliant intelligence, language skills and a unique memory.

I had a very strange feeling that I was, for him, like strangers with whom he was trying to make contact,” the boy’s mother said, according to Project Camelot.

When Boris, or Boriska as his parents called him, turned three, he began to talk to his parents about the universe.

“He could name all the planets of the solar system, even their satellites, names and numbers of galaxies. At first it was very scary, I thought that my son was out of his mind, but then I decided to check if these names really existed. I picked up a few astronomy books and was shocked to find out that the boy knew a lot about this science.“, said Nadejda.

Rumors about the astronomical child quickly spread throughout the city, and the boy became a local celebrity. Many were curious to find out how this child could know so much. Boriska wanted to tell his guests about extraterrestrial civilizations, about the existence in prehistory of a race of people three meters high, about the climate of the future and about the changes in the world.

At some point, Boriska began to tell people about their sins. He would go to someone on the street and tell him to give up drugs, or he would tell adult men to stop cheating on their wives, etc.

Nadejda later noticed that the little one was feeling unwell before disasters occurred. “When the submarine Kursk sank, it was in pain everywhere. He suffered during the hostage-taking in Beslan, refused to go to school in the days of that horrific attack,” the boy’s mother said.

When asked about his feelings in the days of the Beslan crisis, Boris recounted: “It was like a flame burning inside me, I knew that the story of Beslan would have a horrible end.”

Boriska also attracted the attention of Russian researchers, and specialists from the Institute of Earth Magnetism and Radio Waves of the Russian Academy of Sciences went and examined the aura of the boy who turned out to be unusually strong.

Professor Lugovenko said that there are some special devices that can measure some extrasensory abilities of people. Modern scientists around the world are conducting extensive research in this area that is not as easy to decipher as researching things on the surface of the human body. In fact, people possessing unique abilities were born on all continents in the world, argues the scientist. Such children are called “indigo children” by the researchers, he added.

“Boriska is one of them. Many have altered DNA spirals, which give them an incredibly powerful immune system, and can even defeat AIDS. I have met such children in China, India, Vietnam and so on,”
Lugovenko said.

When we introduced our boy to several scientists from different fields, including ufologists, astronomers, and historians, they all agreed that it would be impossible for him to invent all those stories. Boriska used foreign languages and scientific terms, which he said were usually used by specialists who study this or the other particular science“, boris’s mother said.

In the various cultures, the subject of the immortality of the soul has been discussed, and Boriska seems to confirm this theory. The boy claims that we live forever and remembers scenes and events from his past life on Mars. The specialists said that he has information that he would actually have no way of knowing.

The boy knew all about life on Mars, about his inhabitants and their flights to Earth, about the megalithic cities of Martian civilization, their spaceships and their flights to various planets, or about the Lemurian civilization, about which he knew many details because he had happened to descend there from Mars. Information about prehistoric civilizations is often rejected by some scholars, despite relics dating back to eras so distant that Darwin’s theory remains incapable of explaining their existence.

A Russian journalist talked to the boy about his unique knowledge and experiences.

Q: Boriska, did you really live on Mars as they say around here?

A: Yes, it’s true. I remember that time, I was 14 or 15 years old. The Martians were always waging wars so I often participated in air raids with a friend of mine. I could travel through time and space flying in round ships, but I could observe life on Earth in triangular ships. Martian ships are very complicated. They are on layers.

Q: Is there life on Mars now?

A: Yes, there is, but the planet lost its atmosphere many years ago as a result of a global catastrophe. But Martians still live there, underground. They breathe carbon dioxide.

Q: What do these Martians look like?

A: Oh, they’re very tall, more than seven feet tall. They possess incredible qualities.

It seems that the Martians breathe gas, but here, once you have this body you have to breathe oxygen. Martians don’t like the air on Earth because it causes aging. The Martians are relatively young, about 30-35 years old, the boy claims.

Boriska spoke in more detail about UFOs: “We left and landed on Earth almost instantly!. It is composed of layers. 25% — outer layer, made of hard metal, 30 percent — the second layer is made of something like rubber, the third 30 percent — again of metal. In the end, 4 percent is composed of a special magnetic layer. If we charge this magnetic layer with energy, these machines will be able to fly anywhere in the universe.”

Boriska recounted that at that time he traveled to Earth quite often to trade, as well as for other research purposes. It was all happening in the days of lemurian civilization. In fact, the boy recounts that he had a Lemurian friend who was killed right before his eyes.

“A major catastrophe occurred on Earth. A gigantic continent has been swallowed up in the swirling waters. Then, suddenly, a massive rock fell on my friend who was there. I couldn’t save him. We are destined to meet at some point in this life.” Boriska remembers.

The boy experiences the whole story of the fall of Lemuria as if it had happened yesterday. Lemuria disappeared a few tens of thousands of years ago and it seems that the Lemurians were 9 meters high.

The boy also talked about people’s illness.

“The disease comes from people’s inability to live properly and be happy. You have to wait for your cosmic half. A man should not get involved and entangle in other people’s destinies. People should not suffer because of past mistakes, but understand what is predestined to them and try to reach those heights and take steps towards fulfilling their dreams. They need to be more sensitive and hearty. If someone hits you, hug your enemy, apologize, and kneel in front of him. If someone hates you love him with all your love and devotion and ask for forgiveness. These are the rules of love and humility. Do you know why the Lemurians died? They did not want to develop spiritually anymore and thus the unity of their planet was broken. They strayed from the predestined path, thereby destroying the integrity of the planet. The path of magic leads to a clogging. Love is the real magic!”

Boris’s mother explained that no one had ever taught him these things. “Sometimes he would sit in the lotus position and begin to tell us detailed facts about Mars, planetary systems, and other civilizations, which actually puzzled us. How can a little boy know such things?”, asks the woman.

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