Kazim Gürbüz, a yogi who at 95 years old looks like at 50

At the age of 95, master yogi Kazim Gürbüz, looks as if he is 50, although he is vertiginously approaching his 100th birthday! Gürbüz believes that everyone can live 130 years.

What is the secret of this man?

In an interview with the “Daily Hurriyet” publication, Kazim Gürbüz of Turkish origin says that the secrets of his youthful appearance are due to keeping a flexible body through the daily practice of yoga exercises, a healthy vegetarian diet and active sex life, as well as outdoor walks.

Gürbüz became a vegetarian 54 years ago; its diet contains many foods rich in vitamins such as olive oil and chestnut honey, and daily he drinks a lot of green tea.

He also recommends Pinto beans, chilli, chilli sauce, herbal tea and soups. “Less beneficial is the meat, it causes the greatest damage. There is protein in all foods, you do not necessarily need to eat meat“, says Gurbuz.

At 41, after being paralyzed from the waist down following a fracture to his spine, doctors told him he would never walk again. But because he was optimistic and made a lot of mental effort, he managed, through massage and yoga, to regain his mobility and finally, after nine months, he began to walk again. He also changed his lifestyle by becoming a vegetarian.

Gurbuz believes that our mental potential is unlimited.

The yogi is able to achieve the “knot position” for 48 hours, and can hold his breath for 4-5 minutes.

“Each of us can live long. Life really begins at the age of 63. You just have to take care of yourself. I feel like I’m 25,” he said, noting that he has a lot of sex, even ending up having two or three orgasms a day.

In addition, Kazim believes that any man can live up to the age of 130, without problems, if he applies his lifestyle:
“We can live up to 130 years. I intend that… anyone can.”

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