The old donkey’s pasture

Pățania măgarului

In the following, the old donkey’s pasture will enrich us with a wonderful treasure of wisdom.

“One day, a peasant’s donkey fell into a well.
The unfortunate animal put himself on the ground, for hours, while the peasant sought to see what was to be done. In the end, the peasant decided that the donkey was old, and that the well, anyway dry, still had to be covered once and for all. And that it was no longer worth the trouble of taking the donkey out of the depths of the well. So the peasant called his neighbors, to give him a helping hand. Each of them grabbed a shovel and began to throw dirt inside the well.
The donkey understood as soon as he was prepared and put himself even more abitir on the ground. But to everyone’s surprise, after a few good shovels of earth, the donkey calmed down and silent. The peasant looked into the depths of the well and was amazed at what he saw. With each shovel of earth, the old donkey did something unexpected: he shook off the ground and stepped over it.
Soon, everyone witnessed with surprise how the donkey, reached to the mouth of the well, jumped over the guides and came out shivering…”

While others fall to the ground, the tantric rises precisely with the help of the earth…

The solution is right in the problem

Life will perhaps throw over you with earth and all kinds of hardships… The secret to getting out of the well is to shield yourself from this earth and use it to climb a step higher. Each of our hardships is an opportunity for a step up. We can get out of the deepest depths if we don’t give up. Use the land that life throws at you to move forward.

Amintește-ți de cele 5 reguli pentru a fi fericit:

  1. Cleanse your heart of hatred, fear, selfishness.
  2. Spare your mind from unnecessary concerns.
  3. Simplify your life and make it more beautiful.
  4. Give more and wait less.
  5. Love more and… shake off the ground, because in this life, you have to be the solution, not the problem.

A possible solution to learn how to use the “earth” to rise up, at the same time that others fall precisely because of the “earth”….

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