“Living water” – a miraculous water 100% Romanian!

Water the heartAlso called “Living water” – water with a low level of deuterium is a real natural cure, which today is available to anyone.

The discovery of this water is due to a group of researchers from the National Institute of Research and Development for Cryogenic Technologies in Ramnicu Valcea. This miraculous water has been produced since 1986. At that time, “heavy water” was produced, that is, water with a high content of deuterium for the Halanga-Turnu Severin Heavy Water Plant. As heavy water has destructive effects on living matter, even leading to the suppression of life, the hypothesis has emerged that its opposite, water low in deuterium, could have beneficial effects.

Called “deuterium-poor water”, the discovery brought romanian researchers 5 gold medals and 3 silver medals at the invention salons in Brussels, Geneva, London and Budapest. Currently, it is used to treat patients in clinics in Hungary, Japan, USA, Germany and in Romania.
“Living water is manufactured only in the laboratory, and we are the only ones who produce it legally and we also have the approval of the Ministry of Health. At the Oncological Hospital in Timisoara and at a private clinic in Constanta, this water is also used. Basically, since 2000 this water produced by us is used in various treatments”, says the general director of the National Institute of Research and Development for Cryogenic Technologies in Ramnicu Valcea, Ioan Stefanescu. According to him, only in Hungary, Japan and the USA are exported annually over 100 tons of deuterium-depleted water produced in Romania.

What does deuterium-depleted water mean?

Deuterium is a natural and stable isotope of hydrogen. The natural deuterium concentration of water on the earth’s crust is located between 144-150 ppm, that is, at one million parts of hydrogen coexist 144-150 parts of deuterium. Simply put, tap water has 144-150 ppm deuterium. Researchers from Ramnicu Valcea take this water, pass it through certain filters and bring it to a concentration of 25 ppm deuterium, resulting in “light water” or water depleted in deuterium.

One of the Romanian doctors who uses this miraculous water in different treatments that he recommends to his own patients is Ioan Nedelcu, dermatologist from the Central Military Hospital.

“I have been using this deuterium-poor water for over 5 years. I have seen with my own eyes the effects of treatments with this water and I recommend it to my patients. Simply put, make a cure with this water, drink it just like a regular table water. Cure a whole series of skin diseases; psoriaziz, eruptions cutaneous and others. It even helps in relieving the effects of radiations in the case of cancers“, said Ioan Nedelcu.

An astounding case is also that of a Japanese university professor, who bathes in “living water” bought in Romania. He had an esophageal cancer and the doctors gave him a few more months of life. Being a university professor had heard of this water. He took the plane from Tokyo, went to Ramnicu – Valcea, where he bought 20 tons of this extraordinary water. The water arrived in Japan by ship. Eight years have passed since then, and the teacher feels as if he has never been sick. “He became the most ardent fan of water. He says he bathes in it because it’s good for the epidermis, and even makes sake out of it“, laughs professor Ioan Stefanescu, the director of the institute, who also consumes this water for over 15 years, in the morning, for coffee.

Source: http://www.apasaracitaindeuteriu.ro

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