MAHAYANA – the truth that matters

Someone once asked me:

I have noticed sometimes, in certain people, about whom I have a good opinion about their spiritual level, that when they approach me, they feel an influence that is angry

fest through them from a distance, as a power that accompanies them. How could I have such a thing myself?”
And then I said to him:
Look, such a manifestation, the easiest and most meaningful is achieved when you cultivate in your life the joy of helping others, of being an intermediary for what is right.
Helping others is not an easy thing, not only because of the effort, but because of a wisdom that you have to constantly manipulate, because you have to be responsible in what you are doing.
It depends on who you help, in what situation you help, in what situation you do not help, because one of the greatest difficulties of the dharma to help others, is when to know and be able to not help, when it is not good to help.
And to also have the ability to help, to have the powers, the capabilities to help.

If we understand this spiritual perspective that is specific to the Mahayana perspective,

then we arrive without even realizing it,

to mediate powers that are much greater than our powers.

At some point, these powers can be however great,
because it manifests itself through us from a universal perspective that we feel more and more… cosmic.
The man who cultivates this mahayana-type attitude, of living to help others and of transforming himself in order to be able to help others – this man feels that,
as he cultivates this, the power he mediates greatly increases.
Very interesting is that
the same man, after seeing that he can do something for many,
if he wants to do something for himself, too,
finds that its power is much less.


This determination is very important.

If someone who reads this has enough wisdom to grasp what the consequences are, they will be able to realize that if we even pursue spirituality to develop yourself, it will go hard.

If you’re looking to transform yourself to be more and more able to help others,
it will be even 100 times easier.
Power grows formidably because, in fact,
we mediate a force that comes from God
or the infinity in our spiritual “heart.”

This power reservoir is infinite.
Just to have people to help and people to help and … the power is there.
This aspect is very worrying for the well-meaning ones who want their spiritual good, want to transform themselves, to refine themselves, to know the infinite in their heart and God, to become strong, wise, loving, contented, happy.

They will find that when they pursue these things for themselves, efficiency exists.
But the effectiveness of this is, “child’s play.”
compared to the efficiency they have
when looking to transform or
To obtain spiritual realization to help others.

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