New Moon in Libra

New Moon in Libra

September 26, 2022, 00:55 – Romania time

Monday, September 26, 2022 is a good time to set new intentions, plans or ideas.
It’s a moment of sowing those actions that are really meaningful to us.
It is good to be present, to project positively in accordance with the highest values of our soul and to have confidence in their realization.
Whatever we start now will be imbued with the energy of the zodiac sign of Libra, a cardinal energy of harmony and cooperation.

The detoxification capacity of the body is maximum on the day of the New Moon.

Anyone who makes a rule of having a fasting day every time the Moon is New will benefit from many advantages in preventing ailments.

Also, the day after the New Moon is perfect for starting a new activity such as unlearning bad habits.
Often bad habits are the outward expression of some inner energies.
These energies only need a new goal to become useful and valuable for us and for other people.

The night before the New Moon is a night of divine transcendence.
If we engage in spiritual activities we can achieve exceptional results that equate to the results obtained from a year of assiduous spiritual practice.

Shiva Ratri

The night preceding this New Moon phenomenon is celebrated in the Oriental spiritual tradition under the name of Shiva Ratri.
In our case it is about the night from 25 to 26 September 2022.

During this astral moment, it is good to:

  • we have an easy diet or even to practice Anaharin – fasting only with water
  • we reduce the rhythm of daily activities, and to aim to orient ourselves inwards
  • we are aware that this night is particularly effective for the practice of meditation, as it gives us the opportunity to make important spiritual advances.

This new beginning can “settle” better in our being and we can fully benefit from this astrological aspect.
For this, it is advisable to perform a short meditation of about 20 minutes of New Moon.

Specifically, during its maximum period, 10 minutes before and 10 minutes after it takes place, that is, between 00:45 and 01:05.

How we meditate:
  • Sit on a chair with your back straight and your hands resting on your thighs with your palms down
  • We aim to completely relax our body, especially the muscles of the face
  • It is necessary to feel the physical body abandoned and immobile.
  • After we have achieved the “parking” of the body we turn our attention inside the body, in the middle of the chest
  • We imagine that we are dimensionless, at that level
  • Throughout the meditation, we aim to feel the complex influence of this astral moment, the New Moon

The new moon’s luminaries, the Sun and the Moon participate in the “cosmic wedding” by sharing the same zodiac degree.
Now the male and the female merge into a perfect unit.

Due to the conjunction between the Sun and the Moon there is a special complementarity of yin-yang energies in nature.

We aim to find a perfect agreement between our will and God’s Will

Thus, our consciousness will go through exceptional spiritual transformations.
They will lead to the attainment of the state of inner harmony and peace.

Through the state of consciousness cultivated through different techniques Abheda Yoga, certain unfavorable astrological transits can be transcense.
Apart from these methods to be practiced systematically, it can be said that the destiny of men is written in the stars.
It is relatively difficult for the average man to manifest free will, independent of the influences of celestial bodies.

Specific astrological aspects

Monday, September 26, 2022 – 00:55, Romania time
– marks the new
moon moment in Libra
through the perfect conjunction between the Sun and the Moon at the degree 2’49.

It occupies the IV house of this astral moment, a sector of the family, of the home and of the inner, emotional aspects.

It is a good time to set our new intentions and desires for the next period from a state of peace and harmony with Life.
We aim to cultivate both inner and outer balance.
It is necessary to realize that in order to have authentic relationships with those around us, we must first have a conscious relationship with our own being.
Peace and balance are born on the inside and the outside will mirror them.

What do we associate the zodiac sign of Libra with? – with union, harmony, beauty, justice

The characteristic verb is: TO BALANCE
Under the aegis of Libra are the commitments, promises, connections, unions, understandings, processes and in general all the affairs that are related to the laws.
The higher goal is a union of opposites, establishing laws between men so that they may live in harmony and peace may reign over them.
Justice, truth, justice are basic concepts of Libra whose purpose is the maintenance of peace.

Being a sign governed by Venus, we associate Libra with:

  • beauty, harmony, art, refinement
  • diplomacy and the ability to contemplate Divine beauty in all its forms of manifestation on earth
  • revealing your own inner beauty

Dancing is one of Libra’s favorite activities, turning it into a real art.
It is a favorable period to invest more in your own image, in developing a personal style or own clothing that can become our business card.

Being a cardinal sign we are eager to take the initiative

This will be more evident in our partnerships.
With the New Moon in Libra, Through the prism of the AER element, we are amplified by both the theorizing and observing.
Therefore, we are determined to use our rationality quite a lot in evaluating situations.
Specifically we can more easily put ourselves in the place of the other, we are adaptable, we understand the situation from several angles.
All this allows us to permanently seek solutions, understandings, compromises in order to maintain peace and good understanding.
We become better listeners and the goal of interacting with the other is for both sides to feel satisfied.

If we manifest this energy in a disharmonious way

we place too much value on appearance, on image, on the way we are perceived by others, to such an extent that we risk losing our identity.
Dependence on external, public validation, the desire to please at any cost can be amplified.
From the desire to maintain harmony and peace in relationships, we can tend to make too many compromises or avoid confrontations.
The indecision or tendency to weigh excessively any choice can cost us too much.

A New Moon in Libra:

  • it will give us the opportunity to become experts in the art of relating
  • makes us aware that the best way to evolve is through a partnership
  • relating to a partner will reveal the multiple facets of our own being, thus contributing to a better self-knowledge
  • teaches us the ability to listen carefully to the needs and desires of the one next to us
  • at the same time it teaches us to calibrate our own expectations vis-à-vis our partnerships
It is important to set correct and realistic expectations.

We can see if we relate in a healthy way, if our boundaries are respected or if we respect each other’s, if we cultivate relationships of codependency or interdependence, if we are fair or just in the way we relate.
We also understand that the relationship with the outside actually mirrors the relationship with our own interior.
We cannot have balance and harmony in our personal or social life if we have not discovered them first in our being.

The field of our life energized by this New Moon is the IV house

It is a sector that talks about our foundation, home, home, family, roots, connection with our own soul.

The New Moon in an element of Air is now housed by house IV is a house of our foundation, of connection with the soul.
This house is specific to the element Water, as it is the natural home of Cancer.
Our ability to look objectively can be strongly influenced by emotional factors.
Therefore, everything we create now needs to be in tune with our inner emotions and feelings.
Relationships with family, with the house or place where we live, with our native place, with certain emotional matters, with our own childhood are activated now.
They may have the chance of a new beginning, if our approach will be a balanced and harmonious one.

From a spiritual perspective, the New Moon in the FOURTH house reminds us that we cannot achieve anything externally if we do not have inner peace and harmony, if we are not in harmony with the Heavenly Laws.

Who is causing this New Moon in Libra?
– Jupiter in Aries in the X house, the sector of vocation and career
  • We are urged to become initiators, to grow, to be more than we were
  • determines us to set professional goals and new directions of development
  • helps us cultivate courage and assertiveness

It is important not to overdo it, to be fair and just and to admit when we have done wrong.
Let’s not rush or waste our energy unnecessarily, but let’s not be delusional either, let’s keep the right as far as we aim to achieve.

⇒ the ruling planet of this New Moon is Venus; it is in hand with Mercury retrograde in Virgo, demonstrating the need to rediscover and reassess our own relationships and how we communicate.
⇒ Neptune in Pisces does not make things easier for us, making an aspect of opposition to Mercury and Venus in Virgo.
This distorts and sprinkles confusion in the way we transmit or receive messages.
So the better we make sure of the clarity and efficiency of the message, the better chance we have of success.
⇒ Mars in Gemini hastens us and spurs us into our actions; we become impatient with what we want to achieve
The key will be to be present and aware at every step, to be aligned with ourselves.

In conclusion, the message of this New Moon in Libra is

to cultivate first of all inner peace and harmony or, in other words, to be at peace with ourselves, with our own soul, with God.
To be in harmony with those around us, to build “bridges” between us, to divide life by two and to celebrate the beautiful things that unite us, to submit to a single rhythm, that of harmony and love of Life.



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