Master the Ant

At the gate of a monastery at the foot of the Himalayas beat a pilgrim:

“I want to talk to the greatest man in this settlement” steals his first words, instead of hello.

The monks measured it from head to toe without saying a word and took it to their master, who was steeped in reading some of the writings. Without lifting his eyes, he asked him:
“What can I help you with?”
“I want to be your disciple, master, to become a great man as you are” and for half an hour he was talking about his desires…
The Master listens to him… and after finishing he said:

-“Son, silence will sharpen your hearing and embellish your words…
Many words spend your energy… when they don’t say anything. Will you be my disciple?”

“In the inner courtyard, near the fountain, there is a large stone; please bring it to me because I want to make an altar out of it.”
The pilgrim looked towards the courtyard and saw a very large boulder.
“Are you kidding?? … not even ten people can pick it up… but I…
The Master had already left, dragging his slippers on the stone slabs.
The pilgrim remained sad. He sat disappointed on the stairs of the temple..
“I will never be able to be a disciple of this great man,” he thought.
Sighing, with their heads bowed, they began to think about how they could raise the wonder of stone as big as a mountain.

Her eyes fell on an ant that had stopped her way right in front of her leg…

she carried twice as much weight after her. He had stopped in front of the obstacle and didn’t know what to do.

He looked at her curiously and saw that, after a little hesitation, the ant along with her weight climbed on her leg and crossed it across the side continuing her way.

“She could have bypassed my leg, but she didn’t… he didn’t get back out of the way of the obstacle… boldly surpassed him… how much power to an ant”
think stunned the pilgrim… and they delve even deeper into sadness.
Days passed and the pilgrim had made a habit of watching how each living thing acts in front of the obstacle – that is, its foot – and none had the courage of the ant…
And she also noticed that all the weights carated by the ant far exceeded the size of her frail body.
One day, the master saw him crying. She sat down next to him, and gently asked him:
“Did something happen, my dear?”
“Master, and the ant is bigger than I am. I’m so small…!!”
“I’m glad to hear you say that. You’re on the right track!!
Before he could say anything more, the master was already far away.
The pilgrim is thinking for days on end how to make him pick up the stone… and at the same time he was thinking about the ant, about its power.
“I will succeed … I will succeed because I wish with all my heart to be a disciple of the master.”
And at the same time he wants to be… Ant… to have her courage and strength.
One day he went in front of the stone, looked at it carefully for a few seconds, breathed deeply three times, interiorized himself for a few moments…
detached his arms slowly, slowly, as if flying and hugging her, picked up the stone and placed it in front of the master’s room.
Seeing all this, the master raced with lust and said to him:
“Did you learn?”

“Yes, master, I learned a lot by observing:

  • first of all I learned that the master can be anyone, even an ant, if you are able to understand the lesson offered
  • secondly, do not be afraid of any obstacles, accept it, “get into it”, be one with it… being aware of it you can pass it well
  • third, the strength of a being lies not in the strength of its muscles, but in itself; focusing on the Self, becoming one with Him, the weight of the petra was no longer an obstacle for me; I was able to pick it up even though it was twice as heavy as me… like the ant
  • fourthly, to judge no one by his “size”, but by his deed… the ant is such a small but very strong life
  • and fifthly, believe… to believe in the God within you, and then your power will be without limits.

But all this I could not have learned if I did not have a motivation, a purpose of life: to be like my master…”

-“If you manage to always be like the ant ,then you understand one of the secrets of life:
-there is no obstacle that you do not overcome as long as you are with a pure soul and centered in the Heart.
The force within you can “move mountains”, and your faith will be your guide.
Welcome among my disciples!!“.

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