Nisargadatta Maharaj – About Self Integration

Q: I am allowed to ask you how you managed to go beyond the mind?

M: By the grace of my guru.

Q: What form did his grace take?

M: He told me what was true.

Q: What did he tell you?

M: He told me that I am the Supreme Reality.

Q: And what did you do about it.

M: I trusted him and I remembered.

Q: That’s it?

M: Yes, I remembered him. I remembered his words.

Q: You mean that was enough?

M: What more needs to be done? It was not easy to remember the guru and his words. My advice to you is even less difficult – just remember yourself. “I am” is enough to heal your mind and take you beyond. All you need is a little confidence. I’m not misdirecting you. Why would I do it? Do I want something from you? I wish you the best – that’s my nature. Why would I mislead you? Common sense will also tell you that in order to fulfill a wish you must keep your mind on it. If you want to know your true nature, you must have yourself in mind all the time, until the secret of your being is revealed.

Q: Why would we bring self-remembrance to self-realization?

M: Because they are only two aspects of the same state. Self-memory is in the mind, self-realization is beyond the mind. The image in the mirror is of the face beyond the mirror.

Q: Quite reasonable. But what’s the point?

M: To help others, you have to be beyond the need for help.

Q: All I want is to be happy.

M: Be happy if you want to make others happy.

Q: Should we let others take care of themselves?

M: But, sir, you are not separated. Happiness you can’t share is counterfeit. Only what can be shared is truly desirable.


Fragament from “I Am The One” by Nisargadatta Maharaj


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