How the soul opens like an enchanted lotus – spiritual testimonials

I kept wondering what was happening to me, hence this state of nostalgia that overwhelmed me in the last days, I was scared, and I like Andreea, that I lost the way, that I can no longer find solace … and whirling tears swirled from the source of the unbridled soul… I meditated, I realized, I suffered, and I meditated again, and I suffered again… and the nostalgia, and the challenges came back…
Coming to the gym on Thursday, in this state of gray, I lived so intensely the meeting with God that I had not done it for some time … so pure and deep I felt it in my heart, so high up to the stars I felt my soul and I realized that… the moments of divine ecstasy, the knowledge of the truth, arise when the soul is purified through cares and trials, when you love unconditionally, when you abandon yourself in his almighty hands… then truly, the soul opens like an enchanted lotus, petal by petal, receiving the love and wisdom of the universe…

In order to understand perfectly, I “received” the following answer… which I share with you…
“Man does not reach true happiness and fulfillment until he “learns” what he seeks with his deepest nostalgia. This nostalgia that he carries within him, without knowing it, but which he can “hear” in the astral hours of his life or in limited existential situations, calls him to the Motherland of the soul.
Many spiritual seekers believe that the normal to which they must strive is a harmonious, quiet and frictionless life. The man on the Path of inner maturity is not doomed to such a thing, to a “stop” in a happy state. It is in a permanent change, a succession of “mills and becomings”, a succession of “forms”. The “just” man is a man involved in the affairs of the world and always risking himself. Free from the applause of the world and its approval, open to Being, it is able to manifest the Divine Being in existence. It makes the Divine visible in the world. Divine LIFE wants to become self-aware by his way of being through the world”

Karlfried Graf Dürckheim

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