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Sexual abstinence is an expression that upsets many people, in the sense that… it seems to be a ban that would take away an important part of the beauty of life.

But it’s not that far from it, even, on the contrary –

it gives us joy, health, long life, wonderful relationships, if we know how.

And here, as in other situations, ignorance generates suffering and knowledge generates happiness.

First of all, sexual abstinence does not mean “NO”, but means

“if I want (and I have the power to manifest in full control) – yes,

if I don’t want to – no.

If I want – YES” is called active sexual abstinence and is achieved with the control of sexual energy.
This means -to make love but… without ejaculation in the male.

In the case of a woman it means:

  • with orgasms without discharge (which are more intense, longer and more fulfilling), or
  • at least without discharge orgasms (which are short, styrene and reduce the sexual potential and energy in the body).

Apparently it is simple – but you need to know how.

Sexual continence is active sexual abstinence.

It refers to keeping the sexual energy, not losing it.

Brahmacharya is that aspect of YAMA (RESTRICTIONS/PROHIBITIONS) that refers to the prohibition of losing sexual energy, to the need to preserve it and even to increase it.
Sexual energy becomes a gigantic force in our body, which supports us very many of our physiological processes. It supports our youth, our health, our power of achievement, our creativity and even our spiritual aspiration.

So we need sexual energy, it has many beneficial effects.

Passive sexual abstinence which is also good but can also have negative effects in people who:

  • have a life without significant demands
  • do not live frantically
  • does not cultivate the intellect and performs intense mental activities
  • do not have a frantic spiritual approach
  • do not practice traditional yoga, with methods of transforming sexual energies into more refined energies.

Knowing the importance of transforming sexual energies into more refined energies, there are many exercises, some new – quasi-known.
They help the practitioner to more easily control his sexual energy and turn it into more refined forms of energy.

In this direction, Abheda Yoga excels

It is the sexual energy that gives us vitality, the ability to resist efforts, health and creative energy.
We need creative capacity in all directions, because we know that the strongest people and those who achieve the most significant achievements, are the most adaptable and creative.

Creativity is needed, but it must be oriented in an upward, evolutionary direction. Otherwise it would be lost or even hurt us.

At passive sexual abstinence, if there are no exercises that convert sexual energy into more refined energies,

then that energy manifested in the human body tends to harm him.

This is the case of most people who, for one reason or another, do not know the presence of a being of the opposite sex in their lives.
Usually all these people, if they do not masturbate (if they do not lose energy outside through self-stimulation – which is extremely harmful), anyway, end up considering it harmful and not making love unless they turn sexual energy into more refined energies.

This excess of energy is somatized especially in women, and this is how uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts appear.
It is unanimously known and in current modern medicine, these conditions occur due to passive sexual abstinence.

So, it’s not good for us even if we lose sexual energy through masturbation or through lovemaking with discharge.
It’s not good for us even if we’re in passive sexual abstinence and we don’t transform energy, then it builds up and hurts us.

It is necessary to be active, to be frantic and to multiply the talents in our lives and especially

to practice yoga in order to transform sexual energies into more refined energies.

At least from this point of view, especially traditional yoga is absolutely necessary.

Sexual continence is also reflected in other aspects of human existence, for example in speech.

Speech is a creative act, even the simplest speech. People who talk a lot, feel like they’re losing energy, they’re getting tired.
People who have a lot of sexual energy tend to talk a lot, even sometimes a lot and pointlessly.

So here’s another form of continence, another form of

At the same time, it is the sexual energy that also supports the desires.

In this situation, uncontrolled people have many desires, even pointless (without realizing it).
Because of this, they make unwise purchases that are not judiciously weighed as a decision.
They spend their money on pointless things and end up having a lot of items they don’t need or don’t have money for things they need!

The explanation we have given here is little known.

In general, sexual abstinence is considered to be NO, that is, the total prohibition.
We know, however, that in the absence of the other information (essential initiatory, fundamental and often secret), which we have mentioned, it does not work.
We know that there are many monks and many nuns who masturbate, who resort to various sexual actions with people of the opposite sex or the same sex.
We even know of high prelates who are tempted to sexually approach children or very young people, a phenomenon that has become a scourge.
All this happens because of ignorance, ignorance and a relaxation on an ethical and moral level.
But if the solutions had been known, most of these negative situations would not have existed.
In my opinion, this knowledge is needed and we aim to pass it on very strongly.

At this time, with the sexual liberation of mankind, the control of sexual energy has become one of the biggest problems.

The term “Arohana” refers to the situation in which we maintain active sexual continence; in this situation, at some point, an upward energy current develops in the body, called “the river that climbs the mountain” or Arohana.

In Tantra yoga, people who have the ability to transform all their sexual energy into ojas, that is, into bioenergy and this bioenergy into more refined forms, these yogic practitioners are called urdhvaretas.

Leo Radutz, founder of Abheda Yoga Academy, initiator of the Good OM Revolution


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