Tapas of sexual abstinence – brahmacharya

Tapas of sexual abstinence – brahmacharya

Absolute abstinence is a practice that can confer:

  • ability to control over erotic desire – what is a lot
  • an important karmic burning, proportional to the difficulty that we could feel if we aim… Absolute.

The emperor in the fairy tale “Salt in dishes” did not understand how important salt was in his life;
Maybe he didn’t even know how addicted he was to salt consumption until he tried to feed himself without salt.

Many people underestimate this type of tapas.

One side say that they support him easily anyway because they do not know, for now, in their lives the gracious presence of a beloved being of the opposite sex.
It is not, however, tapas, but it is only a powerlessness.

Most say that they are not addicted to sex, eroticism and lovemaking.

That they can always be missed if they were put to the test.
Maybe that’s right, but this is correctly understood after we have tested.
Is it true that we possess this freedom?

Alcoholics rarely accept what is obvious to everyone around them – the reality that they are addicted to alcohol.

Erotic desire is among the most intense forces of the soul.

But like any power or shakti, if we can’t control it, it will control us.
In pus, if we really want to follow the tantric path, it is absolutely necessary, irremovable and irreplaceable

to assimilate the power to be free from sexual or erotic desire.

This means



Sometimes or some find it hard with “Yes”, most of them find it hard or very hard with “No”.

The Hindu goddess Durga is depicted astride a lion.
This lion symbolizes the power of instincts and desires that Durga, a wonderfully beautiful, harmonious, tender goddess and full of the nectar of female love.
Durga so well masters the power of instincts and desires that the lion is completely submissive to him.

If he did not master this power, the lion would easily devour any being tempted to approach the beautiful goddess.

Whoever wants to access perfection must conquer the ability to master his desires perfectly, not occasionally.

This abstinence tapas along with the other practices is a test.
If we do not pass it, there is no point in believing that we could evolve in the middle of life and, possibly, on an authentic tantric path. For now.

It might just be a trifle that I hope will be dented by the inner strength of Abheda practitioners, but in the case of some, it can be a cause of accelerated fall, especially if it is associated with masturbation.

Why are kisses and caresses forbidden?

Because, in the absence of the possibility of making love, people over-bid any other possibility by which they can at least partially fulfill their desires. And some erogenous zones can generate complete and deep orgasms, without requiring amorous union.

Also, kisses and caresses between women are now forbidden, these being, in fact, erotic gestures.

Between men we in our community believe that they are always inappropriate.

How long should such a tapas of absolute sexual abstinence last?

It is usually not necessary to last too long. As a rule, 30 days is enough.

In situations where there is an addiction, tapas is good to last as long as we become independent of love or sexual desire.

Why so little?

People make too little love and love each other too little.

The most valuable aptitude is active brahmacharia – the absolute active sexual continence Arohana.

That is, to make love but to master your energy so that you do not have orgasms with discharge or ejaculation.

Do we need sexual energy?

Yes, we badly need it, it helps us a lot, but it has to be controlled.

Sexual energy propels creativity, desires in general and spiritual aspiration in particular, which is also a desire.

Often, whoever has a low sexual energy also has little spiritual aspiration.

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