Synchronicity – Coincidence or Vibrational Frequency?

Synchronicity is defined as the experience of two or more events that apparently are not in a causal relationship, or are unlikely to occur together by chance, and that are observed as occurring together in a meaningful way. For the first time, the concept of synchronicity was developed by the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung.

Jung describes synchronicity as a “conceptual relationship” of the mind, defined by reality between ideas, which is structured in its own way of logic and gives rise to relationships that are not of a causal nature. These relationships can manifest as simultaneous events that are significantly interconnected.

Have you been thinking lately about someone you haven’t talked to in a long time, and just then, they called you or sent you a message?

This is not a coincidence by chance, as you might think. Synchronicity seems to be a connection to our “psychic abilities.” This means that we can intuit when a certain person thinks of us, or wants to contact us. That’s why we start thinking about it, all of a sudden, without any seemingly logical explanation. Our intuition receives the “signal” or “energy” that the emitter when he intends to contact us. This is possible because we are all “connected” in a way that allows us to identify these signals accurately.

All of us in this universe, we are at the level of essence “ONE” so we are in a way all “connected” together. Just as a network of computers is connected to all the subunits in the system, our brains consciously perceive the “network” and the system through which we are all connected to the universe.

You can say, “But well, I’m not physically connected to anyone!” This is true, but there are dimensions and energy fields that we can consciously perceive with the help of our biological brains. We can conscientiously perceive three dimensions, but lately scientific theories have been developed in which up to 11 dimensions are distinguished.

We are limited in seeing and feeling only a fraction of these dimensions, of the realm in which we exist. Something is definitely happening behind the scenes, something that we are not and cannot be aware of, due to our biological restrictions. We may think that we are related to the physical dimension to our bodies in “flesh and bones”, but these are just simple physical “vessels” in a sea of infinite connections. If we came out of this temporary state, we might be able to perceive different dimensions, but for now, we only have at our disposal the luxury of three-dimensional space.

Our subconscious mind and on a deeper level, the superconscious mind, are the connection with the non-physical realm of individual existence. The subconscious mind works constantly, and sends signals to the conscious mind; when this happens, we can perceive this in real time.

Thoughts have their own energy and frequency. Thoughts exist first in the mind, and then they manifest in physical reality, whether you realize it or not. If you look around, everything is a result of our thoughts. Everything that we consciously perceive and create has as its starting point a simple frequency of a thought.

When someone decides to call us or send us a message, that person emits a signal with a certain frequency. If we are friends with that person, we probably share similar frequencies with them. Just like a radio that emits on a certain frequency, our minds emit and receive frequency waves.

A radio is far from similar to a human brain, in terms of transmitting power. While radio frequencies can fade at a certain distance, for the frequency of a thought, there are no limits to how far it can go.

Taking into account the aspects listed above, it is a little easier to understand how synchronicities are not just “random concidences”. While they may appear to be random, there is a much deeper scientific meaning behind every synchronicity we experience in our lives.

Each of us possesses this skill, called intuition. By developing our intuition, we become more sensitive to the environment in which we live, and we strengthen the connection between the subconscious and the conscious mind. The stronger this bond is, the more we can see the more synchronicities occurring in our lives. You can have “random” thoughts about a certain thing, and then you can see how it sometimes appears quite quickly, in your physical reality.

As we learn to use our intuition, every day, more and more, we become more aware of certain aspects and small details of our reality that until now we were not aware of. We become more confident in our instincts, and at the same time we evaluate more carefully the degree of risk of each action we take. If we “feel” thatsomething is wrong, we must trust this inner signal and have other alternatives of action ready.

Decide for yourself, if synchronicities are just random events, and if you think they represent more than that, you can use them to your advantage. Start by observing your thought patterns, and how they manifest themselves in physical form. Everything we have created in our lives is the result of a thought, good or bad. Choose to create the good and eliminate evil, so life can become much easier to live and manage!

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