Keshe Foundation has made available for free to all humanity, the technology that will transform Planet Earth!

mehran kesheIt seems like we are living in historic times for mankind! On March 15, 2013, Keshe Foundation made available to the entire planet, through its Taiwan subsidiary, the contents of the legendary USB stick, which contains details about magrav technology!

For those who have not yet heard about this foundation it is appropriate to mention who is behind it – we are talking about Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, the founder of the Belgian foundation of the same name, an engineer in nuclear physics of Iranian origin, who did for many years research in the field of obtaining energy from the cosmic vacuum (or “free energy” as it is also called) and from plasma. He made a series of devices that would revolutionize the obtaining of energy of any kind for people across the planet as well as transports of any kind, from local to galactic ones, that would “end” forever the era of fossil fuels and the dictatorship of world energy corporations.

The technology called MAGRAV
thus announces a first step towards the world of tomorrow, towards the elimination of control programs and towards the manifestation of abundance.

In 2012 the foundation invited the representatives of all the states of the planet to a conference in which they were provided with this technology free of charge, provided that the planetary peace is respected. Since March 21, 2013, the foundation has started a series of public conferences on these topics and their rapid implementation in the life of communities.

The Keshe Foundation has been working for more than two decades to register patents all over the world, so that when the new technology is presented on the market, there will be no need for colossal sums to be used, because the primary intention is to be offered charitablely to all people on this planet.

The Foundation was registered as a non-profit organization in the Netherlands and has a permanent office in Ninove – Belgium, and its purpose is the development of new space technologies such as: transport, electricity generation, health and nutrition systems for space travel.

It seems that the only conditions for this step to be taken were the cooperation of governments and implicitly of scientists in each country and the intention to use this new technology in a beneficial sense, which, despite the level of average consciousness on the planet that is quite low, can become reality.

Apparently having reason to fear that his life might be in danger, Mehran Tavakoli Keshe gave an interview to the Mike Harris Show attended by over 3 million listeners, and on March 15, 2014, he made available to the entire planet through the Foundation’s Taiwan branch, the contents of the legendary USB stick with details about the MAGRAV technology that was handed over in 2012 to representatives of several states.

Here are the download links:

Alternative link with rar archive:

We recommend you to download the archive and give this message further so that the plans of this technology to get in the possession of several people, especially those who can put them into practice!!

Here are some images of a spaceship based on Keshe technology from the downloaded files



ufo 1

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