The healing power of Deva Premal’s music – mantras are energetic phenomena!

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Deva Premal Miten and ManoseDeva Premal was born in 1970 in Nuremberg, Germany and grew up in a family with musical and spiritual preoccupations. In the home of his childhood there were no chairs or television, all the family members were vegetarians and meditation was an everyday practice. Under these atypical conditions, Deva showed an early predisposition for a life lived in inner and conscious freedom.
Piano and violin lessons as well as the many moments when she sings mantras with her father facilitated her transition to her later artistic career. However, his personal musical style was only discovered when he met his life partner, Miten. It happened in India, in Poona, in 1990. “Although we were only 20 years old and he was 42, our hearts were immediately connected,” recalls Deva Premal. Originally from England, Miten had the stage experience of concert openings for Fleetwood Mac, Ry Cooder and Lou Reed.

After meeting the mystical nonconformist Osho, he gave up rock to write songs with spiritual messages. Miten is the one who encouraged Deva to discover her authentic voice, her own expression. Her gratitude for the support she received made her say several times “Without him, Deva Premal would not have been“.

The first concert was held together in 1992. Since then they have traveled a lot in the world sharing through song the call of love and healing of a growing audience. Albums such as “Love is Space”, “The Essence” or “Dakshina” have become best-sellers and have revolutionized new age music through the unique way of using mantras in songs. Their latest album ” Songs for the Sangha “ released this year, comes to delight our hearts with songs that celebrate the inner journey, being accompanied by the magical undulation of ancient mantras.

Stripped of the rigors of traditional incantations, mantras – these spiritual formulas were offered to the public in original interpretations, without losing their intrinsic power and beauty. The Dalai Lama, Eckhart Tolle, Cher, Tony Robbins are some of the personalities who have shown their appreciation for their music.

The odyssey is enriched with the residential workshops that Deva and Miten periodically carry out. Every year, for 9 days, I propose an experience of releasing the voice and mind of those who accompany them to Corfu, Greece. In the Bahamas, participants not only celebrate singing and meditation but also have the joy of taking a dip in the ocean with dolphins.

Thousands of people across the planet are not only inspired, cheered up and reassured by its music, but also healed.

And we are glad to be able to say that Deva, Miten and Manose, the one who recently joined them in the band and who plays the flute divinely, have been twice in concert in Romania. The first time in 2010 and the second time in October 2015 when we had the opportunity to sharpen their wonderful music! Our hearts vibrated in unison filling our souls with harmony and the ecstatic beauty of mantras.


Below is a short interview with Deva:

– Why mantras have healing properties – the cause lies in words, in music … or silently, which is inside the music itself, as you once said?

It is not the words that matter, but their resonance. These Sanskrit sounds are energetic phenomena, they pulsate with energy. Therefore, when they are recited, they create in the body a resonance, which vibrates, and they can heal the body, the creer and the soul. But the important thing is that, they connect us to the source of vital energy – God if you want to use that word. This happens not only when you are a member of the European Parliament. repeat the mantras. If you are not too far from where they were pronounced, then you, too, will feel their blessing – whether you know it or not!

The rhythm, the music, the movement creates shapes in space. In the preparation of musicians are performed “meaningless” exercises for the hands and fingers (or lips, if it is a wind instrument) – when their movement is more natural and free and is not constrained by the composer’s concept. At this stage, the music and the line are united because they are connected by a common rhythm.

Yes, music is also important. Especially, in our case, because miten and I like to sing mantras. Traditionally, mantras are repeated without any special melody, but if you add music to them, they take a more accessible form. Sometimes you may notice that with an absent air, you hum a song and at the same time repeat the sacred prayer or mantra as you walk through the supermarket, or do any other things . . . so that music is important, it must be fully in harmony with the mantra, or it will rather destroy its power, than it will console you. And thirdly, yes, silence itself is important. The mantra arises from the silence and can lead you to silence. A very powerful moment: when both the mantra and the song go back into the state of silence, they dissolve in it. If you realize it, then this moment will transform you. So, you’re right, all three of these qualities are equally important – sound, music and silence.

It is said that many people have healed because of your music. Do you receive many letters with such stories?

-Yes. For me and Miten it is a great honor to receive such messages. We believe that through mantras we associate with close friends around the world. This is an incredible blessing – to know that music influences the lives of so many people.

Some people also write that your music is suitable for such transient moments as birth and death. How do you explain that?

If the music comes from the space of love, devotion and dedication, then this music will certainly transfer you there. This music touches people’s hearts. It goes from heart to heart. Music is different for different people: it can be exciting, sensual, calming, it can stimulate the intellect, etc. Beauty is always present, it resonates in different dimensions.

Thanks to the mantras in our music, it seems that, it has healing power. And of course, that’s exactly what we want in very delicate and sacred times. For example, I don’t think anyone would want to listen to Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony at the time of birth. Or at the time of death. When I say that mantras have a healing power I mean that when we repeat them, they, very naturally, take us without realizing it in the depths of our hearts. We relax for a minute to think about the miracle of life on this planet… The mantra shows us the true hidden reality in all these forms – that everything is undisturbed happiness. And in this place we live with our music.

– How do you apply these healing practice in your daily life? When you are sick, when you have a bad mood, etc…?

– I repeat mantras – loudly or silently. It was never that the mantras didn’t help me! As for physical practice, it is important to do practice every day, which is not easy for me when traveling, but I strive.

– Today many people have too little time, they are involved in the material life. What is the easiest way you could recommend to a modern man to achieve greater inner harmony?

Let’s repeat mantras. To turn this habit into practice. Wake up in the morning, put on a CD (Mantras for precarious times) and repeat with me 108 times. It takes about 10 minutes, so you can do this just before you take a shower. Do this for 21 days and if you notice that you have begun to move within yourself (you will notice this!), continue for 40 days. And I promise you that you will feel completely different in your daily life!

– How does this practice manifest itself in your life? How has that changed you?

– Even in their wildest dreams I could not assume that my life could arrange it that way. I am blessed to have the opportunity to live with so much love, so creatively, and share it with my partner, Miten. These are all the effects of these practices and those of my guru grace.



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