The Sacred Art of Alex Grey – documentary film (The Healing Power of Sacred Art -2004)

alex-greyAlex Grey is a well-known American artist specializing in visionary spiritual and psychedelic art, as well as a practice of Vajrayana Buddhism.

His work has various forms of manifestation including performance art, process art, sculpture and painting.
In this documentary, Alex Grey talks about his artistic vision, his life experiences, his metaphysical journeys, and the sacred teachings and painters who influenced his work.

While expploring the sacred art of various spiritual traditions in the wider world, he has intuitions regarding the power of this art, to bring back our well-being both physically and emotionally and spiritually. by making us more receptive and opening the doors of our perception to the luminous nature of reality, to our divine potential.

In this film, we are offered to watch his many works, unique and transformative that have consecrated him in the world of spiritual art.

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